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Course Introduction

This course is available for postgraduate medical students enrolled in the Master of Surgery (by coursework) Degree Course at the University of Sydney.

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This course has been accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. It has been also approved by the Board of Studies, of the University of Sydney.

The inaugural course (WBD-MS2012) was held in August/September/October 2012.

Portrait of the postgraduate class of 2016/2017

Class of 2016

The WBD-MS Course is composed of four Units of Study (SURG5027, SURG5028, SURG5029 and SURG5030), which are conducted in serial fashion over twelve weeks. The next course will be held in February 2017.


The Schedule of Dissection for WBD-MS and Grad Cert of Adv Clin Skills (Surg Anat) 2016 can be found below:

Download schedule (PDF - 75KB)

These courses are conducted every second Saturday commencing 18th February 2017.

The Graduate Certificate in Advanced Clinical Skills (Surgical Anatomy) acts as an embedded course within the Master of Surgery, specifically the Master of Surgery (Surgical Anatomy). Units completed for the Graduate Certificate in Advanced Clinical Skills (Surgical Anatomy) can be recognised for credit towards the Master of Surgery (Surgical Anatomy). These Units of Study generate 24 Credit Points of the 48 Credit Points required for the award of the MS Degree or complete the Grad Cert of Adv Clin Skills degree.
Enrolments are accepted for the full course or any combination of the 4 modules This is a part-time intensive anatomy dissection course. The full commitment and out-of-dissection-class preparation, reading and study required.The timing of the course is at the request of many students to become available to complete after hours from hospital rosters

The full details of the four Units of Study comprising the WBD-MS Course taken from the Surgery Handbook can be accessed by following:


It is possible to complete the Master of Surgery Degree (by coursework) by completing the “Surgical Anatomy Stream” of study. The full details of the Surgical Anatomy Stream (and WBD-MS) requirements, taken from the Surgery Handbook, can be accessed by following:


Portrait of the postgraduate class of 2015/2016

Class of 2015


Dissections follow Grant’s Dissector,Patrick W Tank. Candidates will also be expected to be familiar with Last’s Anatomy 9th Edition (McMinn RMH, Last’s Anatomy Regional and Applied, 9th Edition, 1994, Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh) also available from the Coop Bookshop. This is the edition of Last approved by the RACS and has the RACS logo on the back cover.

Rohen and Yokochi Color Atlas of Anatomy is very important and is often used by the College for exams.


Candidates in the course dissect in groups of 6 or less per cadaver. Specialist surgeons act as Tutors and Supervisors, especially when their areas of interest and expertise are being dissected. Thus the course has a strong clinical and surgical emphasis. At the completion of each anatomical region an assessment by MCQs and spot tests is carried out. Each dissection day, a two station SCORPIO assessment is held. There is a compulsory test at the end of each module which has to be passed to successfully pass the module

The course is run along similar lines to the Elective “Anatomy by Whole Body Dissection” Course (AWBD) for Final Year Medicine students which have been held annually at the University of Sydney over the past four years. Details of this medical undergraduate course can be accessed by following: http://sydney.edu.au/medicine/anatomy/current-student/whole-body-dissection/index.php

The participant with the highest aggregate score from MCQs and spot tests is awarded the Sydney Nade Prize in Surgical Anatomy, in honour of the late professor Sydney Nade, an original supervisor of this course.

2012 participants - group photo

Class of 2012


  • Full details of this Postgraduate Whole Body Dissection course (WBD-MS) and the method of enrolment can be obtained from:
    MS Administration

  • The overall organiser of the course Master of Surgery course is:
    Professor Pierre Chapuis
    Director of Postgraduate Surgical Education, University of Sydney

  • The coordinators of the dissection course are:
    Adjunct Professor Lindsay Wing

    Adjunct A/Prof Allan Meares