Diabetic Foot Disease

Diabetes is a chronic condition that can cause a number of serious complications. Problems with the feet are one of the most common. The purpose of this web-site is to provide information on what you need to know about feet and diabetes and what sort of help you should seek. You will probably find it worthwhile first reading the General Information section and then click on other areas that are relevant to you. More detailed infornmation, especially those pertinent to the local situation in Australia, is included under Technical Info.

Naturally, all the information in these documents is intended only for general background knowledge and should not be used in place of specific treatment advice from your doctor.

General Information

Infection of the foot

What is diabetic neuropathy? What is a neuropathic ulcer and how do you treat it ?

What is peripheral vascular disease? What is a vascular ulcer and how do you treat it ?

Charcot's arthropathy ­ The swollen foot

Painful diabetic neuropathy - Pain, pins and needles, numbness or other symptoms in the feet

Foot examination - Checking your risk of developing a diabetic foot ulcer

Foot care - For those at high risk of developing an ulcer

What sort of help is needed ?

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