The ENRICH Program

ENRICH (Enhanced Rural Interprofessional Cultural Health) is an interprofessional learning opportunity for students which provides a varied program of weekly teaching and learning sessions that focus on clinical and non-clinical topics. It is designed to stimulate students to gain a broad understanding of being a health worker in a rural and remote context. The program is guided by the following objectives:

1. To understand the challenges posed by rural and remote communities and how this impacts on health outcomes.

2. To understand the positive aspects of living in rural and remote locations and how to avoid professional isolation.

3. To understand aspects of culture in Far West New South Wales.

4. To explore the history and health determinants of indigenous populations.

5. To experience the value of learning in an inter-professional environment.

6. To learn emergency medical techniques through clinical simulation in a multidisciplinary team.

7. To explore non-clinical learning opportunities

Crash simulation
Crash simulation

ENRICH Timetable

ENRICH sessions are conducted regularly on Thursday afternoon at the BHUDRH . Please be advised on some occasions, full-day sessions will be held (please refer to ENRICH timetable).

These sessions are interspersed between clinical teaching for medical and nursing students.

IPL sessions focus on broad health issues relevant to a wide range of student disciplines, for example, communication, ethical issues, healthcare teams etc.

All students wishing to participate in an ENRICH session MUST register.


Robyn Phillips
Education Support Officer
Ph: 08 80801201