Courses and Programs at Broken Hill UDRH

The Broken Hill UDRH provides professional development for health professionals in isolated practice, and workshops in Cross Cultural Education training in Aboriginal health.

Extended Clinical Placement Program

The Broken Hill Extended Clinical Placement Program is an innovation in undergraduate medical education. It enables students from different medical schools to come together and learn in a combined program for an extended period. The BHECP Program equips students with additional and special skills, in addition to providing the highest quality core clinical learning. We were delighted to offer this program for the first time in June 2009.

PHC Undergraduate Nursing Elective

The undergraduate nursing program is designed and delivered by the BHUDRH in partnership with Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation and the Far West Local Health District and Remote Clusters.

The program also works in collaboration with Justice Health and Aboriginal Medical Services within far west NSW to enhance student placement opportunities.Read more

Cross Cultural Education Program

The Broken Hill Department of Rural Health, in partnership with Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation and the far west Local Health District New South Wales, has developed a program of Cross Cultural Perspectives in Aboriginal Health for health science students, new employees to the region and organisation groups within the area.

The training is a fundamental foundation for those working in health with local Aboriginal communities. It aims to raise the awareness of health issues faced by Aboriginal people today, and enhance knowledge and understanding of Australia's history from an Aboriginal perspective and how this affects the health of communities.

Mental Health Academic Program

The BH UDRH receives funding under the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) National Action Plan on Mental Health to employ a mental health academic. The position involves academic work, teaching and management of students undergoing clinical placements. The academic position is also encouraged to increase direct service delivery of mental health services within the local community.

Community Engagement

Our vision is to build healthy, resilient and sustainable communities where all students have the opportunity to achieve to the best of their ability.

Our partnerships will enable us to focus our collective energies and resources to address the factors that hinder educational, health and career attainment of children in far western New South Wales.

By 2020 we will have addressed the inequities confronted by rural, remote, and Indigenous students living in our region through the implementation and evaluation of best practice models that integrate health, education and career choices. Find out more...