Student Program Overview

The student program of the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health provides opportunities for students in the health sciences to undertake rural and remote clinical placements in a variety of settings in far west New South Wales.

Dr Malcolm Moore instructing students in the Clinical Skills Laboratory

The Broken Hill UDRH organises each student’s clinical placement, provides accommodation and access to library and Internet facilities. Staff ensure that every student has appropriate support for the duration of their placement. Academic teaching, close supervision by highly trained health professionals and regular clinical skills training enhance student learning. Close liaison with the student’s home university ensures that each student can meet the assessment requirements for their particular clinical placement.

General information for all students can be found in the Student information guide

As the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health has a multi-disciplinary focus, there are many opportunities for students to be exposed to Interprofessional Learning contexts.

Rural Medical and Rural Nursing Scholarship information can be found on the link below:
Rural Medical Scholarships and Rural Nursing Scholarships

Wilcannia Health Service

Students can experience placements within a busy regional hospital, or community-based activities within a primary health care framework. Students are also able to work within health services in various small isolated communities which provide a rich indigenous health experience. Communities within western New South Wales welcome students from a range of health sciences disciplines and placements are undertaken in a variety of settings.

The BHUDRH hosts students undertaking courses in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, dentistry, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech pathology, dietetics and nutrition, pathology, veterinary medicine, podiatry, medical imaging, social work and pre-hospital care, from universities in every state of Australia.

The Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health student program functions through partnerships with a number of major health service delivery agencies including the Local Health District, Royal Flying Doctor Service (South East Section), Maari Ma Health Aboriginal Corporation, the Ambulance Service of New South Wales and the Western NSW Primary Health Network.


In addition close links with non-government agencies in the welfare and social services fields provide extended opportunities to broaden the students’ understanding of rural and remote health. Patients provide a diverse and interesting mix of clinical challenges. The remote setting requires different management and treatment options allowing students to develop a richer understanding of rural health within a broader social context.

Of course, non-clinical activities are equally important so there are plenty of opportunities to get out and about in the far west, to visit national parks, to enjoy the slower pace of life and learn what it is like to live and work in the bush. The people of the far west are generous, hospitable, the climate is pleasant during the academic year and every student will learn something new and enjoy a rewarding experience here. So visit the far west and see for yourself.

Placement & Fee Information

Australian University Students participating in a rural placement through the Broken Hill University Department of Rural Health will be required to pay a weekly placement administration fee of $25.00. The total placement administration fee applicable for students will be outlined in documentation prior to placement.

International University Student placement administration fees are managed separately, students will be advised following acceptance of application. Please Note: Due to high demand by Australian students, we are currently unable to take students from overseas (with the exception of dental students).

Where accommodation is available for students undertaking placement, our accommodation will be provided free of charge. For more information regarding student accommodation, please visit the Student Accommodation website.

All student placements are 2 week minimum placements.

ENRICH Program - Value-added Clinical Placement Experience

The ENRICH Program is an optional weekly Interprofessional Learning opportunity for students. Click on the links below to find out more.....

ENRICH Program example (xls format)

ENRICH Brochure

Please be aware the ENRICH Program is subject to change