Bettering the Evaluation and Care of Health (BEACH)

MEDIA STATEMENT - Closure of BEACH program after 18 years

The BEACH Program was continuously collecting information about the clinical activities in general practice in Australia including

  • characteristics of the GPs
  • patients seen
  • reasons people seek medical care
  • problems managed, and for each problem managed (direct link)
    • medications prescribed, advised, provided, clinical treatments and procedures provided
    • referrals to specialists and allied health services
    • test orders including pathology and imaging

The BEACH database currently includes about 1,780,000 GP-patient encounter records (04/2016).

It uses a cross-sectional, paper based data collection system developed and validated over 30 years at the University of Sydney. Data generated is used by researchers, government, industry and non-government organisations.

We will analyse data regarding specific topics for external organisations. You can purchase Standard Reports, or specify your own analyses.

About the Australian General Practice Statistics and Classification Centre

The 'Australian General Practice Statistics and Classification Centre' (AGPSCC) was a collaborating unit of the Family Medicine Research Centre (FMRC) of the University of Sydney and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).
The AGPSCC was previously known as the 'General Practice Statistics and Classification Unit' (GPSCU) prior to June 2005.

The AIHW collaboration agreement with the FMRC was not renewed after 30 June 2011. The AGPSCC no longer exists but the previous objectives and projects of the AGPSCC are continued by the FMRC.