Dr Faraz Pathan

Nepean Clinical School


Biographical details

Doctor Faraz Pathan is a cardiologist and cardiovascular imaging specialist. He is currently the head of cardiac imaging and cardiac research in the Cardiology department at Nepean hospital.

He graduated from the University of New South Wales with First Class Honours in 2006. He has completed cardiology training at Nepean hospital and undertaken fellowships in cardiac imaging at Prince of Wales Hospital Sydney Australia, The Menzies Institute for Medical Research, Tasmania and the Goethe Institute for Experimental and Translational Cardiovascular Imaging, Frankfurt Germany. He subspecialises in non-invasive multi-modality cardiovascular imaging.

Doctor Pathan is active in clinical research and is currently completing his PhD evaluating the roles of advance cardiac imaging in managing cardiovascular epidemics. He is a lecturer at the University of Sydney. He has published in leading cardiovascular journals and presented at multiple national and international meetings. He has also been an invited reviewer for various cardiovascular journals.

Research interests

Cardiac Magnetic Resonance for precision phenotyping of cardiovascular pathophysiology focusing on tissue mapping and myocardial mechanics

Atrial Strain as a predictor of cardiovascular outcomes and atrial fibrillation

Appropriate use and stewardship of cardiac Imaging

Heart failure Readmission Reduction

Health economics

Teaching and supervision

Dr. Pathan overseas the Nepean clinical school ,medical student cardiology education programme.

He supervisis a team of 9 researchers on topics including:

Quality improvement in echocardiography

Atrial strain

Heart failure

and Health economics

Current projects

Validation of Atrial Strain a Multi-Modality Multi-Vendor Study

Reverse Engineering Diastolic Dysfunction from Echocardiography to CMR

Accelerating speed of CMR

Heart Failure Readmission Reduction


Research associations with:

Goethe Institute for Experimental and Translational Cardiovascular Imaging Goethe University Frankfurt Germany

The Menzies Institute for Medical Research

Awards and honours

Ten of the Best research award- The Menzies Institute for Medial Research

International links


(Goethe Institute for Experimental and Translational Cardiovascular Imaging) Reserach collaboration on 3 projects regarding cardiac magnetic resonance, myocardial mechanics and diastolic dysfunction

Selected grants


  • Cardiac Mapping to detect Cardiac Inflammation in Influenza; Pathan F; Sydney Medical School Foundation/Nepean Medical Research Fund Grant.

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