Honorary staff

To hold the the position of "Honorary" an individual must be an eminent person who has made a special contribution to, and have a continuing involvement with the faculty.

Honorary Association Name
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Annick Ansselin
Professor Emeritus Prof David Allen
Honorary Associate Rick Ballan
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Kaye Brock
Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus William Burke
Honorary Associate Professor Associate Professor John Carmody
Honorary Professor Professor Hamish Coates
Honorary Associate Dr Francine Coelho Marques
Honorary Professor Professor Jens Coorssen
Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus Roger Dampney
Honorary Associate Professor Associate Professor David Davey
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Miriam Frommer
Honorary Associate Dr Clare Gordon-Thomson
Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus John Hearn
Honorary Associate Professor Dr Joseph Hoh
Honorary Senior Research Fellow Dr Yue-Kun Ju
Honorary Professor Professor Charles  Mackay
Visiting Scholar Dr Eliana Moreno
Honorary Associate Dr Andrea Markus
Honorary Associate Professor Adrian Mindel
Honorary Professor Professor Geoffrey Moore
Visiting Professor Professor Arie Moran
Professor Emeritus Professor Emeritus Brian Morris
Occupational Trainee Yujie Ning
Honorary Associate Dr Michael Slater
Honorary Professor Prof Allan Snyder
Honorary Senior Lecturer Dr Samuel Solomon
Honorary Associate Dr Eric Song
Honorary Professor Professor Peter Tregloan
Honorary Professor Professor Bernard Tuch