Poche Centre for Indigenous Health

The Poche Centre for Indigenous Health is an example of the power of partnership in achieving real change and genuinely contributing to closing the gap in life expectancy for Aboriginal people. It was established and funded by philanthropists Greg Poche AO and Kay Van Norton Poche. The Poches, along with their friend and co-founder, Reg Richardson AM, saw an opportunity for the skills, expertise and resources of the University of Sydney to be harnessed to improve Aboriginal health. Key to their vision was the engaging of Professor Tom Calma AO, to guide the direction and outcomes of the Centre.

Poche Centres seek to leverage the best of the best in Universities with communities and governments to seek solutions that address complex health problems faced by Aboriginal people. Greg and Kay have gifted more than $50m to Aboriginal health in the past seven years.

The Poche Centre at the University of Sydney draws upon a combination of Commonwealth, State and philanthropic funds and partners with Aboriginal Community Controlled and other organisations to:

  • Provide specialist health services for Aboriginal people
  • Build and support education and career pathways for Aboriginal people
  • Develop opportunities for students and graduates to participate in Aboriginal health service delivery, and
  • Develop and sustain collaborative evidence to practice research.

The Poche Centre always works in partnership with communities and existing health and other services to promote sustainability and the development of solutions that work. The independence and flexibility of Poche Centres enables innovative solutions that are not limited by program boundaries, funding pathways, or state and territory borders.