Musculoskeletal Health Sydney joins the Sydney School of Public Health

We are pleased to announce that a world-leading group of musculoskeletal researchers has joined the Sydney School of Public Health. The group, called Musculoskeletal Health Sydney, already works closely with various groups in the School including the Wiser Healthcare group, on healthy ageing, with the Prevention Research Collaboration and on health economics. The group was previously based at the George Institute.

Musculoskeletal Health Sydney are based in the King George V building at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital: a perfect home to support collaborative research with clinicians in Sydney Local Health District.

Musculoskeletal Health Sydney focuses on the promotion of musculoskeletal health and physical activity across the lifespan. Their vision is for better musculoskeletal health through healthy lifestyles and equitable access to patient-centred, evidence-based, and cost-effective health services. The group have active collaborations with a wide range of multidisciplinary clinicians, researchers, and policy makers in Australia and internationally.

The new group includes three professors (Chris Maher, Cathie Sherington and Jane Latimer), four associate professors, five research fellows, 16 PhD students and 11 research and administrative staff. Five of the seven senior staff hold NHMRC fellowships.

“In most parts of the world the largest contributor to disability burden is poor musculoskeletal health. In Australia, poor musculoskeletal health is the most common chronic disease, the leading reason for early retirement of older workers and the most common reason for accessing healthcare services. These statistics emphasise the need for a public health approach to enhancing musculoskeletal health,” said Professor Chris Maher, Director of Musculoskeletal Health Sydney and Professor at the Sydney School of Public Health.

Professor Maher

Professor Chris Maher

Professor at the Sydney School of Public Health and Director of the Musculoskeletal Health Sydney research theme within the School. He is an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow, a fellow of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences, and visiting professor at the University of Oxford. Professor Maher is interested in achieving improved healthcare for low back pain and other musculoskeletal conditions.