The Centre is located at the Kolling Institute of Medical Research, that is located on the campus of the Royal North Shore Hospital at St Leonards in Sydney. It was launched in October 2014 by Mr John Walsh, with the support of relevant government ministers and departments.

The Centre was formerly the Rehabilitation Studies Unit and was established in 1992 by The University of Sydney and the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney (with generous financial support from the NSW Motor Accidents Authority).

John Walsh Centre for Rehabilitation Research receives major financial support from the NSW Motor Accidents Authority and the Lifetime Care and Support Authority.


  1. To generate new knowledge to improve health outcomes of people with injury related disability.
  2. To promote links with the research community, partner organisations, patient advocacy groups and non-governmental organisations to ensure effective transfer of research outcomes into health policy.
  3. To improve clinical care for people with injury-related disability and translate research outcomes into clinical practice.