Medical Research

Sydney Medical School is dedicated to improving health through excellence in research, creating new knowledge and fostering innovation and research at the highest level, across the disciplines of basic science, clinical medicine and public health.

Our large research portfolio crosses the full spectrum, from the molecular basis of disease to public health measures and control of epidemics.

Our research is focused on both discovery and translating discoveries into improved healthcare, with major programs of research into diseases and health challenges of national and international significance.

Recent updates in research at Sydney Medical School

Find out about our recent contributions to medical research in our videos, featuring academics from a variety of specialties.

Latest achievements

  • The University of Sydney received $22 million of the $190 million awarded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in 2016, with 34 successful applications to advance research-led discoveries and improve the diagnosis, treatment and cure of illnesses.
  • In the major category of NHMRC project grants, the University was awarded $57.2 million with 53 projects supported.
  • We have more than 1100 higher degree research students and more than 1600 active researchers.

Research areas

Sydney Medical School produces high-impact research that addresses the most important global health issues in our areas of research strength.

Our multidisciplinary research approach brings together the complementary expertise of the University of Sydney’s faculties, centres and institutes with that of our affiliated teaching hospitals, institutes and international research partnerships.