Admissions - Selection Criteria


  1. Doctor of Medicine - Graduate entry
  2. Double Degree Medicine - Undergraduate entry

1. Doctor of Medicine

For the admissions criteria and application processes, please read the current Domestic Admissions Guide 2019 and International Admissions Guide 2019.

Domestic applicants applying through a facilitated entry scheme should refer to the Facilitated Entry Schemes menu item and the Domestic Admissions Guide for further information.

Average GAMSAT cut-offs for domestic applicants

Please be advised that the average GAMSAT cut-offs for 2019 domestic entry will be determined and published on the website once they are available in July 2018.

For your reference only, in order to be considered for interview, domestic applicants in 2017 for 2018 entry were required to meet the average GAMSAT cut-offs as follows:


Average GAMSAT cut-off score for standard MD applicants

Average GAMSAT cut-off score for rural MD applicants

Average GAMSAT cut-off score for standard DMD applicants


Average GAMSAT cut-off score for rural DMD applicants

Applications in 2017 for 2018 entry





Note: For the purpose of admission to the MD or DMD, the average GAMSAT score has replaced the overall GAMSAT score since 2018 entry. Cut-offs of overall GAMSAT scores for previous years are irrelevant to the current admission cycle and will no longer be published or provided.

Average GAMSAT score = (1 x Section I + 1 x Section II + 1 x Section III) ÷ 3

US Federal Student Aid

Currently, US students are eligible to apply for student loans from the US Government in order to cover fees and other costs in the Sydney Doctor of Medicine (MD) program.

US applicants for the MD program at Sydney Medical School should note the following important information.

  1. From 1 March 2019, The University of Sydney will not accept applications for US Federal Student Aid from students enrolled in the MD. Students who enter the MD program in 2019 and wish to access US Federal Student Aid must apply for their loans before 1 March 2019.
  2. US Federal Student Aid will not be available to students enrolled in the MD after 31 December 2020, regardless of when they first enrolled.
  3. To be eligible to receive US Federal Student Aid in 2020, amongst other eligibility criteria, students must have remained continuously enrolled throughout the MD and must have accessed the Federal Student Aid scheme before 1 March 2019.

Please note that the eligibility of Sydney Medical School to participate in the US Federal Student Aid program is subject to review by the US Department of Education on an annual basis. Consequently, Sydney Medical School cannot guarantee that students enrolled in the MD will have access to US Federal Student Aid from 2017 to 2020. In addition, students enrolled in the MD are required to meet the standard US Federal Student Aid eligibility requirements in order to receive funding from 2017 to 2020. These eligibility requirements are outlined on the University’s website:

Enquiries can be directed to: . To discuss other financing options, students may wish to contact the International Loans Team at: .

2. Double Degree Medicine - Undergraduate entry

Please see the Double Degree Medicine page for details.

For details on US Federal Student Aid, refer to the above section regarding US Federal Student Aid for the Doctor of Medicine.


Sydney Medical School regularly reviews the admission criteria and application processes for its courses, including the Doctor of Medicine. It reserves the right to change these criteria and processes without notice. Information on this website provides advice about the currently applicable criteria and processes, and may not be correct for future application periods.