MD and a postgraduate degree

The option of combining your MD program with a postgraduate research or coursework program will allow you to develop valuable research skills or expand your specialist knowledge.

Medicine and a Higher Degree by Research

Undertake a Higher Degree by Research concurrently with your MD program and develop both your research skills and career path at the same time.

Medicine and a Master by Coursework

Develop specialist knowledge and broaden your medical education with a combined MD and Masters by Coursework program while completing the MD. Below, the list shows some of the popular coursework degrees you can undertake in conjunction with the Sydney Medical Program:

These courses are all available via part time or online delivery, although some electives are only available in face-to-face mode. Concurrent enrolment in other postgraduate courses offered by the Faculty may be possible. Depending on the circumstances, you may be able to complete a postgraduate degree offered by another Faculty with your MD.

How to apply

Contact Associate Professor Leo Davies, to discuss your aspirations prior to submitting your application. MD students must have successfully completed Stage 1 (first year) and be achieving good academic results to take on the additional academic load of a concurrent degree.

Concurrent degree local provisions

The concurrent degree local provisions can be found on the University of Sydney's Policy Register.