Current exhibitions

Alpha and Omega

Tales of transformations.

Lego Pompeii

Pompeii, destroyed by Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, will be bought back to life through the modeling medium of LEGO.

Death Magic

Death in Ancient Egypt was a magical experience


Remembering Roman Lives. An exhibition of funerary inscriptions from the Nicholson collection.

Children in Antiquity

The life of children in Ancient Greece and Egypt and the universal nature of play are explored in this exhibition

The Sky and the Sea

An exhibition of the art in Ancient Cyprus.

The Etruscans

In popular imagination the Etruscans are the very stuff of fantasy, myth and legend. Who are they, where did they come from and what does their language mean?

Actors, Athletes and Academics

A new exhibition exploring life in Ancient Greece through the writings of playwrights, historians, philosophers and poets.

Tombs, tells and temples: excavating the Near East

Artefacts from the Nicholson's own collection, excavated from the famous sites of Jericho, Tell Brak, Pella, Tell al-Ajjul, Harappa, Ur, Ninevah and Nimrud form the cornerstone of this exhibition.