LEGO Acropolis

Detail from the LEGO Acropolis showing the Elton John figure, a piano and crowd of people

The Nicholoson Museum's Lego Acropolis model is now in The Acropolis Museum in Athens.

The model was donated to the Acropolis Museum by the University of Sydney in July 2014.

The LEGO model displays the Acropolis both as it was in the fifth century BC and as it is today, as one of Greece's most popular tourist attractions. Captured in LEGO are some of the Acropolis' more famous visitors including Pericles, Lord Elgin, Dame Agatha Christie, and even Elton John.

The Nicholson Museum and Ryan McNaught are partnering up again in 2015 to bring Sydney one of the world's most loved archaeological sites - Pompeii!