Woodhouse archive Flickr project

To help us catalogue the Woodhouse photographic collection, we are launching a community project, via Flickr, seeking the public’s help to contribute descriptions and identifications of each image in the archive held by the Nicholson Museum. The complete collection of the sites, monuments and landscapes of Greece photographed by Woodhouse at the turn of the 20th century is available on to the Nicholson Museum’s Flickr page. Become a contributor to describe, identify, locate and tag each photograph in this historic collection.

About the archive

The Nicholson Museum holds over 1800 glass-plate negatives taken by Woodhouse while in Greece in 1890s and early 1900s. A small portion of the archive also includes photographs of his family in the Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. The collection documents important archaeological sites, significant landscapes of the Greek mainland, contemporary buildings and the people he met along the way. His archive is a rich resource capturing many sites pre-archaeological excavation and before modern industrial development. Some of the photographs were published by Woodhouse in his book 'Aetolia: its geography, topography, and antiquities' published in 1897. His desire to capture Greece on 'film', was simply put in his introduction: "History only attains its full value by borrowing actuality from geography and topography". The archive shows his love not only for the sites but also for the people and spirit of Greece.

About the project

We are asking you to contribute to our documentation of this collection and assist us with the identification of the hundreds of different monuments and places in Greece. The title of each photograph will include the museum registration number (NM2007.##.##) and may already include a place name where museum staff or Woodhouse himself have titled the image.
To become a contributor is simple: go to www.flickr.com and search for ' Nicholson Museum'. From there you can browse the entire archive, create a Flickr user ID and begin adding tags and comments.

We are asking out contributors to address the following questions:

  • What do you see? Write a brief description for this image.
  • Where was this photograph taken?
  • Can you find the geo co-ordinates (latitude and longitude) of this exact place? Let us know by linking to the google maps or add the co-ordinates in your comment.
  • Do you know what year this photograph was taken?

All of our Flickr contributors will be acknowledged when the collection is published through our online collections at the completion of the project.

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More on Woodhouse

Woodhouse - Athens

View over Athens towards the Southern side of the acropolis, WJ Woodhouse, before 1910. NM2007.101.12

In April 1936 Woodhouse delivered a lecture to the meeting of the Australian English Association in which he reflected on his most recent (and what would be his final) trip to Greece, the rapid industrialisation of the country he had witnessed throughout his career as well as the impact of the 1923 population exchange between Greece and Turkey. The address is a revealing companion to the photographic archive, and is one of the very few documents we have from Woodhouse that speaks to his passion for Greece, both ancient and modern.

The Union recorder published a summary of the address in 7 May 1936 and is available to read online.