In the field of nanoscience the research we perform has been limited by the buildings in which we work, rather than our imaginations.

At the Sydney Nanoscience Hub, that is no longer the case.

The Sydney Nanoscience Hub has been purpose-built with the future of nanoscale science and engineering in mind, designed to enable the precise measurements required to access exotic phenomena on the nanoscale.

The building features over 25 laboratory modules with different performance grades, and housing academic research groups.

In our highest-precision laboratories the combination of controls on temperature, air pressure, mechanical vibrations, and electromagnetic interference makes these spaces among the most tightly controlled anywhere in the world.

Special design features include:

  • ‘floating’ research laboratory floors built on a concrete slab that is decoupled from the walls, the building superstructure, and adjoining spaces, to create an incredibly stable environment with low vibrations for high-precision measurements
  • a power distribution network designed to provide a low-noise earth reference voltage and “clean” mains power with minimal distortion, pickup, or stray currents.
  • electromagnetic shielding of all submains distribution lines and in research laboratories designed to suppress unwanted interference from outside the lab
  • high-precision air conditioning in the research laboratories designed to maintain room temperatures stable to within 0.1 degree by replacing all air in the room once every minute
  • centrally distributed laboratory services routed through a specially designed “grey space” corridor

The laboratories and research facilities in the Sydney Nanoscience Hub have become a top recruitment and retention tool for the world’s best academic researchers.