Prof David Goodman has been appointed as "2012-2016 PRC Distinguished Overseas Academic"

3 July 2012

Professor David Goodman has been appointed to Nanjing University, School of Social and Behavioural Sciences, as part of the PRC Ministry of Education Distinguished Overseas Academic scheme. The program is part of the effort to internationalise Chinese universities.

Professor Goodman's appointment is in the Social Sciences, though the program is usually reserved for academics from science and technology fields. As part of his appointment, he will be spend two months each year at Nanjing University, and will also visit North West Normal University in Lanzhou, Gansu Province; and Shanxi University College of Business Studies,Taiyuan, in Shanxi Province.

This is a significant appointment for both universities that brings together the China Studies Centre at Nanjing University, and the China Studies Centre at the University of Sydney. It builds on the significant cooperation already established between Nanjing University and the University of Sydney.