Design Computing graduate to exhibit at the 2015 Beijing Design Week

21 September 2015

The Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning is delighted to assist our recent graduate Steven Bai in realising his exhibition at the 2015 Beijing Design Week.

Steven Bai (Bachelor of Design Computing, First Class Honours), has been selected as one of 4 key Australian representatives to exhibit at the 2015 Beijing Design Week (BJDW), 23 September - 7 October. The annual city-wide event is co-hosted by the Municipal Government of Beijing and the three national Ministries of Education, Culture, Science and Technology to nurture a culture of design in a Chinese context.

Two of Stevens works have been selected by Beijing Design Week organizers; TetraBIN and Mirrorless Reflection. TetraBIN was developed in response to a research project brief that investigated the use of digital technologies for encouraging positive behavior change in the city. TetraBIN uses gamified approaches - making use of game mechanics and game thinking - turning an activity normally considered trivial, such as depositing rubbish into a bin, into a joyful event.

Mirrorless Reflection explores a future where LEDs can work seamlessly with interactive technologies and sensors to reflex urban behaviours in asymmetric ways. Today, LEDs are illuminating every corner in our city; they are low consumption and digitally controlled. Beyond the everyday on/off switch, the Mirrorless Reflection can be delicately controlled by sounds, human movements; it brings us together to form a community in public social spaces.

Steven will also be the lead designer to curate an exhibition in Indigo - one of the busiest shopping centers with daily customer traffic flow of 40000 persons

Attracting over 2,000 designers, institution representatives and industry experts, over 5 million visitors, and more than 100 accredited news media in attendance every year, BJDW is the largest and most influential platform in Asia for display, promotion, exchange and trading of creative designs.

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