Paul Pholeros was honoured with the Australia Medal AM

1 February 2007

Adjunct Professor Paul Pholeros, graduate and former first year design co-ordinator, was honoured on Australia Day 2007 with the AUSTRALIA MEDAL AM in recognition for his persistence and outstanding service to the health and well-being of the Indigenous population of Australia and the Torres Strait Islands.

With his partners, Dr. Paul Torzillo AM from Royal Prince Alfred Hospital and another Adjunct Professor and Stephan Rainow, Anthropologist and environmental health officer, based at Alice Springs, they responded to the heartfelt request from Desert Elder, Yami Lester, to fix Aboriginal homes to foster washing babies and children, and clothes, to prevent cross infection, and to repair ‘health hardware’, covering all electrical and plumbing services, and including safe refrigeration and pest control in the kitchen. They formed the company ‘Healthabitat’ and launched the services FIXING HOUSES FOR BETTER HEALTH, based upon their research and publication containing the 9 HEALTH LIVING PRACTICES, washing people, washing clothes, removing waste, improving nutrition, reducing crowding, separating people from animals, vermin or insects, reducing dust, controlling temperature, and reducing trauma.


Paul and the Healthabitat team, including graduates from Yooroang Garang, Health Sciences and Architecture, his alma mater, have documented enough evidence based health improvements to continue this work on another 5000 homes over the next 5 years.

Contacts: Paul Pholeros 9973 1316

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