Anna Rose (BA '06, LLB '08) wins the Young Alumni Award for Achievement

8 July 2009

Anna Rose (BA '06, LLB '08), winner of the Young Alumni Award for Achievement, will be honoured at the University of Sydney Alumni Awards Ceremony on Friday 11 September, 2009.

At the age of 26, Anna Rose is already one of Australia's leading environmental advocates. In September 2007 Anna was invited by the Secretary General's office of the United Nations to attend the 'Special Meeting on Climate Change' held in New York with four other youth from around the world. Anna drafted a speech which was read to delegates and made international media.

Anna recently co-authored a book called 'The Future, By Us' with a forward from Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Her chapter on climate change received excellent reviews and was described as 'authoritative' by The Age.

Anna is a member of the Federal Environment Minister's Advisory Council on Education for Sustainability, alongside other prominent Australians including Ian Thorpe, Greg Bourne and Arron Wood. In this role she advises the Environment Minister on curriculum reform and community education, and other crucial aspects of environmental awareness.

Last year Anna was invited to speak at the Blue Planet Summit in Hawaii, as well as the G8 Civil Society Forum in Kyoto, Japan. Anna was selected as one of the youngest members to attend the Prime Minister's 2020 Summit in April 2007, and was placed in the climate change stream.

In 2005, Anna was elected by the delegates of the National Union of Students as the National Environment Officer. Anna initiated and spearheaded a nation-wide campus clean energy campaign and re-started the national student network, the Australian Student Environment Network. She was elected Coordinator of this network and worked with every campus environment group at Australia's 37 Universities, visiting most to train and assist these groups to start up their own campaigns for Greener campuses.

At the end of 2005, Anna was selected by the Canadian Government to represent Australian youth at the UN Climate Negotiations in Montreal, where she decided to establish the Australian Youth Climate Coalition after witnessing the effectiveness of a similar network in the United States called the Energy Action Coalition.

After returning from the UN Climate Negotiations, Anna spent seven months building relationships with youth organisations around Australia and convincing them to support the idea of a national coalition of all Australian youth organisations with the mission of building a generation-wide movement to solve climate change. She also spent this time fundraising the initial start-up money for the founding summit. In November 2006 Anna brought together 35 youth organisations for a 3 day summit in Melbourne, where they decided to create the coalition.

The organisations elected a steering committee and appointed Anna the first National Director of the AYCC. Anna returned to Sydney and established the AYCC's first office, and raised $130,000 for AYCC's operating budget for the first 18 months. The AYCC officially launched on World Kyoto Day 2007 (February 5th) on Bondi Beach, where Anna was interviewed for a live cross to Channel 7 Sunrise.

When Anna was a youth delegate at the United Nations negotiations in Montreal, she and the other youth delegates decided to continue communicating and working together in between UN negotiations, with the objective of ultimately creating a global youth climate network. Anna helped establish a blog, ItsGettingHotinHere.Org (IGHIH), and remains a contributing editor today. IGHIH is a widely respected youth voice on climate change and remains one of the primary ways that the youth climate movement shares information and ideas around the world.

Anna realized from an early age that climate change is one of the most pressing issues for the younger generation, and through the Australian Youth Climate Coalition she has sought to turn the tide of public opinion to build the political support needed for governments to take stronger action.

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