Nemesis: The search for antimatter in the Universe

28 September 2010

On Wednesday 6 October, University of Sydney Federation Fellow, Professor Joss Bland-Hawthorn will present an intriguing insight into the creation of antimatter in the Universe.

It's the ultimate battle of the universe: when normal matter and antimatter come together, they're annihilated, and all the mass is converted into energy. Fortunately, the Universe today is composed almost entirely of matter, with very little antimatter. However, the laws of physics require that the Universe began with equal amounts of both. The origin of the asymmetry is not known, but a possible explanation relies on some bizarre events in the early Universe. Recently, however, the annihilation signature of antimatter has been observed emanating from the centre of the Galaxy, at a rate that corresponds to the annihilation of 16 billion tonnes of antimatter every second.

Find out what these observations are telling us about the creation of antimatter in violent processes at the centre of our Galaxy. Learn how research by the Astrophotonics group at Sydney is shedding new light on the origin and nature of these antimatter signals.

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Sydney Science Forum: Nemesis- The search for antimatter in the Universe
Date: Wednesday 6 October
Time: 5.45pm-6.45pm
Venue: Eastern Ave Auditorium, Eastern Ave Complex, The University of Sydney
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