Midwifery and Women's Health Nursing Research Unit

Midwifery and Women

Professor Sally Tracy with mother and baby

The research unit is joint initiative between the University of Sydney and the Royal Hospital for Women with support from the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation.

Located within one of Australia’s leading women’s hospitals – the Royal Hospital for Women – the research unit is bringing together midwives, doctors and nurses to undertake research that will translate into everyday midwifery practice and set new trends to offer more family-friendly and women-centred care.

The Collaboration

Midwifery and Women

Donna Hartz with mother and baby

Sydney Nursing School at the University of Sydney reaffirmed its collaboration with the Royal Hospital for Women at the launch of the Midwifery and Women's Health Nursing Research Unit on Thursday 10 March 2011. The Unit was originally established as the Centre for Women's Health Nursing. It is led by Professor in Midwifery, Professor Sally Tracy, who has extensive experience as a midwifery leader in clinical and academic midwifery in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

Stronger Research for Healthier Mothers and Babies

On 22 August 2013 the Australian Centre for Perinatal Science (ACPS) was established. Professor William Walters, Executive Clinical Director, Royal Hospital for Women (RHW) and staff from the RHW joined the celebrations for the establishment of the ACPS at the University of NSW (UNSW). The centre brings together multidisciplinary research groups within the perinatal field that exist within the faculties, schools and affiliated institutes of UNSW and beyond, including many from RHW, SESLHD and SEALS.

ACPS researchers are driven by a shared desire to make scientific discoveries that will improve outcomes for mothers and their families during the perinatal period, the period from pregnancy to the first year postpartum. These researchers work in partnership with clinicians, midwives, nurses, health professionals, health policy decision makers, individuals and their communities, to provide leadership in innovative, dynamic perinatal research.

ACPS will make a difference to the wellbeing of pregnant women and their babies

  • improving the infrastructure for high quality, timely and relevant perinatal research
  • encouraging collaborative and cross disciplinary programs of perinatal research
  • building the expertise and capacity of perinatal research and researchers
  • enhancing communication about perinatal research between researchers and their target audiences.

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