Our excellence in research: "Above world class – ERA 5" (ERA 2012)

The research themes which make up our strategic framework

Improving the health of populations, patients, clients and their families is a central focus of nursing and midwifery research. Sydney Nursing School's international reputation in research is growing significantly, with an Australian Research Council ERA rating of 5, ranked for its 'above world class' research in 2012.

National competitive grant funding for research and other significant funding success secures this reputation into the future. The five core research themes at Sydney Nursing School represent the research strengths and experience of our academic staff, and are the strategic pillars of our internal and shared framework for nationally prioritised health research.

The first five core themes above support nursing and midwifery research which is directly relevant to the sixth theme – health care practice.

View the diagram of the pillars and areas of our strategic framework for research