The Susan Wakil Scholarship Program - supported by the Susan & Isaac Wakil Foundation

In May 2015 the Susan & Isaac Wakil Foundation donated an unprecedented $10.85 million to Sydney Nursing School at the University of Sydney. This is the largest ever donation to a nursing school in Australia and will establish the award of up to 12 annual nursing scholarships in perpetuity, to assist a range of deserving students with their study, tuition and accommodation costs.

The Susan Wakil Scholarships will open in October 2018.

About the scholarships

Susan Wakil Scholarships are available to undergraduate and postgraduate nursing students who are either based in Sydney, are from rural or regional areas of Sydney or are from an Indigenous or Torres Straight Islander background.

A total of up to 12 Susan Wakil Scholarships are offered annually by Sydney Nursing School to support the education of deserving students who demonstrate a high level of ability and potential.

Eligible applicants include:

Undergraduate students

Postgraduate students

  • Three Scholarships for postgraduate nursing students from the greater Sydney region.
  • Three Scholarships for postgraduate nursing students from rural or regional locations who will attend intensive study blocks over the course of the semester are still open.

Contact: for more information.

About Susan Wakil

Fashion designer Mrs Susan Wakil was born in Romania. Fluent in both Russian and French, Susan migrated to Sydney, Australia as a young woman. Throughout her life in Australia, Susan has sought the betterment of society through significant and sustained contributions to the fields of education, health, and the arts.

The Susan Wakil Nursing Scholarships at the University of Sydney are an initiative of the Susan & Isaac Wakil Foundation. The scholarships aim to recognise and reward the frequently overlooked excellence of care and expertise provided by nurses by directly supporting high quality nursing education in Sydney, and Australia more broadly.

In her life and work, Mrs Wakil has embodied the exemplary virtues of unwavering inner vision, modesty and positive outlook. It is fitting that recipients of this Scholarship reflect these qualities and are similarly devoted to striving for excellence, and inspired by a commitment to better themselves and to help the wider community.

Applications for the 2018 round of Susan Wakil Scholarships are will open in October.