Bachelor of Pharmacy

Pharmacists do much more than fill prescriptions – they are an integral part of the healthcare system and have the capacity to directly affect the lives and lifestyles of the people with whom they interact. Pharmacists work in a range of settings including community pharmacies, hospitals, and as consultants or researchers. They provide services such as education, medication reviews, patient counselling and disease prevention.

Why study with us

  • Learn how drugs are developed and how medications affect the human body.
  • Study the chemical, physical, pharmaceutical and pharmacological properties of medicines, and the application of these in the practice of pharmacy.
  • You will have undertaken up to six weeks of placements in clinical experience, as well as a series of community pharmacy visits by the end of fourth year.
  • Gain hands-on experience in a variety of clinical settings, including hospital and community pharmacy.
  • Access the latest technology, facilities and teaching laboratories.
  • Learn from internationally-renowned, award-winning academics, who are some of the most highly respected academics in Australia and the world.

Who should study this course

People that are looking to begin the registration process to become a pharmacist and are passionate about improving people’s lives through healthcare.

Graduate opportunities

There is a wide variety of career choices open to registered pharmacists. Examples include community pharmacy (community practice), hospital pharmacy, research positions within universities or research institutes, or positions in the pharmaceutical industry in drug production, or marketing of drug development.

Professional recognition / accreditation

To become a registered pharmacist, graduates need to complete 1824 hours (one working year) of supervised practical training and the Intern Training Program to register with the Pharmacy Board of Australia. International students will need to demonstrate an IELTS score of 7.5 or equivalent.

Course options

While completion of a major is not a requirement of the Bachelor of Pharmacy, candidates have the option of completing one major. A major requires the completion of 24 credit points chosen from the options below during your final semester in the fourth year of study.

Additional information

  • Four years full-time
  • Honours program is offered to high-performing students in their fourth year, with a focus on research in one of the School’s key research themes

See what our graduates say about the Bachelor of Pharmacy


Student profiles

Evelyn Boukouvalas, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Evelyn Boukouvalas
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons), graduated 2017

"During my time at the University of Sydney, I received ongoing support from the Sydney Pharmacy School staff and really appreciated their dedication to my learning. I particularly enjoyed undertaking my honours research project, with the supervision of Dr Claire O’Reilly, who was paramount to my ongoing success and enjoyment of my degree."

Dina Kayali, graduate, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Anne Nguyen
Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2008

"A love of science and a passion to help people were two of the main things that guided me to undertake a career in pharmacy. A career in pharmacy allowed me to combine and explore both. At the University of Sydney, I learned from leaders in the pharmacy industry, who were always willing to pass on their knowledge. Also, one of the many great aspects of a degree in pharmacy is the wide variety of career opportunities in healthcare available to you after graduation."

Dina Kayali, student, Faculty of Pharamcy, University of Sydney

Dina Kayali
Bachelor of Pharmacy, graduated 2006

“A career in pharmacy is multi-faceted, fast-paced and at the cutting edge of science, medicine, and technology, while also serving a wider societal beneficial objective of health and wellbeing. I had great opportunities as part of the degree to experience placements in urban, community, rural, hospital, and industry settings. These opportunities broadened my horizons as to the possibilities that a pharmacy degree from the University of Sydney could offer."