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Sydney Society of Fellows

The Sydney Society of Fellows was the first of its kind in Australia
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The society epitomises our commitment to research and scholarship of the highest calibre.

University of Sydney Fellowships aim to attract outstanding early-career researchers who contribute to and enhance our research strengths and culture.

We recruit 10 new fellows every year who are selected internationally, on the basis of merit and potential.

Recipients of University of Sydney fellowships receive a full salary and a significant research allowance for the first three years, and become lifetime members of the Sydney Society of Fellows.

Fellows are affiliated with a faculty and a centre relevant to their expertise.

Applying for a fellowship

Applications are encouraged from any discipline, faculty or research area.

A particular objective of the 2017 round is to attract talented recent doctoral graduates who can contribute to our whole-of-university multidisciplinary initiatives. They include:

  • the Charles Perkins Centre
  • the Brain and Mind Centre
  • the Australian Institute for Nanoscale Science and Technology
  • the China Studies Centre
  • the Sydney Southeast Asia Centre
  • the Cancer Research Network
  • the Sydney Environment Institute
  • the Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosafety
  • the Sydney Centre for Translational Data Science.

Sydney Society of Fellows

Xianghai An

School of Aerospace, Mechatronic and Mechanical Engineering

Fellowship Year: 2014

+61 2 9351 8608

+61 2 9351 7060

Find out more about Xianghai An

Dr Karina Aveyard

Media and Communications
Fellowship Year: 2015
+61 2 9351 3284

Find out more about Dr Karina Aveyard.

Dr Thomas Bourguignon

School of Biological Sciences
Fellowship Year: 2015
Find out more about Dr Thomas Bourguignon.

Dr Mohammad Choucair

School of Chemistry
Fellowship Year: 2013

+61 2 9351 5843

+61 2 9351 3329

Find out more about Dr Mohammad Choucair.

Dr Theerthankar Das

Infectious Diseases and Immunology, Sydney Medical School 
Fellowship Year: 2015

Dr Ros Gloag

School of Biological Sciences
Fellowship Year: 2014
+61 2 9351 2267

Find out more about Dr Ros Gloag.

Dr Catherine Ingram

Sydney Conservatorium of Music
Fellowship Year: 2014 
+61 2 9351 1235

Find out more about Dr Catherine Ingram.

Dr Wendy Imlach

Fellowship Year: 2013

+61 2 9351 4897

Dr Jennifer Kent

Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
Fellowship Year: 2015
Find out more about Dr Jennifer Kent.

Dr Julie Leask

School of Public Health, Sydney Medical School
Fellowship Year: 2012
Find out more about Julie Leask.

Dr Maïa Ponsonnet

School of Literature, Arts and Media, Linguistics Department
Fellowship Year: 2016
Find out more about Dr Maïa Ponsonnet.

Dr Nic Scott

School of Physics/Sydney Institute for Astronomy
Fellowship Year: 2015
T: +61 2 9114 2158


Find out more about Dr Nic Scott.

Dr Chris F Wright

Discipline of Work and Organisational Studies, University of Sydney Business School
Fellowship Year: 2014
Find out more about Dr Chris F Wright.

Pengyi Yang

Faculty of Science, School of Mathematics and Statistics
Fellowship Year: 2015

Find out more about Pengyi Yang.