Faculty of Science staff

Below is a list of key staff in the Faculty of Science. For all enquiries please see the Contact Us page.

Dean's Office

Dean of Science Professor Trevor Hambley
Executive Assistant to the Dean of Science science.deanea@sydney.edu.au
General Manager, Division of Natural Sciences Jas Chambers

Academic Leadership

Agriculture and Environment
Deputy Director, Sydney Institute for Agriculture Professor Robyn McConchie
Associate Dean (Curriculum) Associate Professor Brian Jones
Associate Dean (Education) Associate Professor Thomas Bishop
Associate Dean (Research) Professor Margaret Barbour
Associate Dean (Research Education) Associate Professor Michael Kertesz
Deputy Dean Professor Geoff Clarke
Associate Deans
Associate Dean (Curriculum) Dr Jenny Saleeba
Associate Dean (Curriculum) Dr Tim Newsome
Associate Dean (Education) Associate Professor John O'Byrne
Associate Dean (Indigenous Strategy and Services) Associate Professor Tom Hubble
Associate Dean (International) Associate Professor Gareth Denyer
Associate Dean (Research) Professor Jacqueline Matthews
Associate Dean (Research Education) Dr Samuel Mueller
Associate Dean (Student Affairs) Ms Helen Agus
Associate Dean (Student Life) Dr Charlotte Taylor
Educational Integrity Coordinator Dr Holger Dullin
Deputy Educational Integrity Coordinator Dr Caleb Owens
Academic Leaders
Academic Leader (Honours) Associate Professor William Pritchard
Academic Leader (Research) Professor Richard Payne
Academic Leader (Talented Students Program ) Dr Toby Hudson
Academic Leader (Talented Students Program Showcase) Dr Toby Hudson
Academic Advisors  
Academic Advisor (Biological Sciences) Dr Osu Lilje
Academic Advisor (Chemistry) Professor Brendan Kennedy
Academic Advisor (Geosciences) Dr Daniel Penny
Academic Advisor (History & Philosophy of Science) Associate Professor Dominic Murphy
Academic Advisor (Mathematics and Statistics) Professor Shelton Peiris
Academic Advisor (Medical Science) Dr Meloni Muir
Academic Advisor (Medical Science) Dr Tina Hinton
Academic Advisor (Molecular Biosciences) Mrs Jill Johnston
Academic Advisor (Physics) Associate Professor Andrew Doherty
Academic Advisor (Psychology) Dr Fiona Hibberd
Degree Coordinators
Degree Coordinator (BMedSc) Professor Philip Poronnik
Degree Coordinator (BLAS) Associate Professor Fiona White
Veterinary Science
Deputy Head Associate Professor Paul Sheehy
Associate Deans
Associate Dean (Curriculum) Associate Professor Roslyn Bathgate
Associate Dean (Curriculum) Dr Gary Muscatello
Associate Dean (Curriculum) Dr Peter Higgins
Associate Dean (Indigenous Strategy and Services) Associate Professor Jaime Gongora
Associate Dean (International) Associate Professor Jenny-Ann Toribio
Associate Dean (Research) Dr Natasha Hamilton
Associate Dean (Research Education) Dr Auriol Purdie
Associate Dean (Student Life) Associate Professor Alexandre Vieira Chaves
Academic Leaders
Academic Leader (Animal Welfare) Professor Paul McGreevy
Academic Leader (Camden) Professor Richard Whittington
Academic Leader (Clinical Residency) Dr Peter Bennett
Academic Leader (Clinical Sciences) Professor Julia Beatty
Academic Leader (Professional Programs) Associate Professor Christina Dart
Academic Leader (Students Camden) Associate Professor Christopher Grupen
Degree Coordinators/Program Directors
Degree Coordinator (BAVBS) Dr Joy Becker
Degree Coordinator (BVSc) Associate Professor Niek Beijerink
Postgraduate Program Director (DVM) until 28/2/2017 Associate Professor Jacqueline Norris


Heads of School

School of Chemistry Professor Kate Jolliffe
Executive assistant: Vanessa Rossi
School Manager Jody Cutler
School of Geosciences Professor Phil McManus
Executive assistant: Nikki Montenegro
School Manager Sue Taylor
Unit for History & Philosophy of Science Associate Professor Hans Pols
Executive assistant and Unit Manager: Debbie Castle
School of Life and Environmental Sciences Professor Iain Young
Executive assistant: Rosanna Scaravilli
School Manager Carolyne Carter
School of Mathematics & Statistics Professor Jaqcui Ramagge
Executive assistant: Susan Liddell
School Manager Ivana Crossley
School of Physics Professor Tim Bedding
Executive assistant: Annalee Powell
School Manager Eve Teran
School of Psychology Professor Frans Verstraten
Executive assistant: Julia Ning

Heads of Portfolio

Education Veronica Boulton
Executive Services Sarah Gooch
Partner Engagement and Outreach Kristl Mauropoulos
Research and Research Training Sarah Brecknock
Technical Operations TBC

Professional Service Unit Managers

Alumni and Development Vaiju Deb
Finance Tom Sapina
Global Student Recruitment and Mobility Louise Atkins
Human Resources Paul Harvey
Marketing and Communications Danielle Godbier