A talented students program designed for students with exceptional academic ability who want to be challenged.

The Dalyell Scholars Program is a unique offering for students who are seeking to expand their intellectual horizons and indulge their intellectual curiosity. In Science, you will be joining a program that has a rich 25 year history, through what was formerly known as the Talented Students Program (TSP), of providing additional opportunities to our top students.

As a Dalyell scholar, you will have greater course flexibility, undergraduate research opportunities, networking opportunities and an academic mentor from your nominated interest area to provide you with advice and direction. These are just some of the personalised factors that have helped our 1800 graduates over the years to not only succeed at University, but also on their chosen career path.

The Dalyell Scholars Program in Science is not exclusive to those who want a career in science or research. In fact, through the TSP, many of our graduates went on to pursue careers and professions outside of these areas including law, medicine, business, information technologies and government just to name a few. What sets our graduates apart is their experience in creative, critical-thinking and problem-solving, making them highly sought after employees who as leaders, will go on to positively contribute to improving our world.


Exclusive to high achieving students with an ATAR of 98 (or equivalent). Entry is by invitation, however there is one course in Science that you can apply for, Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Dalyell Scholars including Mathematical Sciences).

Science courses offering Dalyell