Admission to the Talented Student Program

Image of female TSP student

Entry to the Talented Student Program (TSP) is by invitation only from the Dean of Science, Professor Trevor Hambley. Invitations are made each year and are for entry to the program for that particular academic year. Generally the following guidelines apply, though some disciplines may have additional (and more stringent) requirements for entry to specific activities within the program:

To be considered for the program in your first year, you should normally have an ATAR (or equivalent) of 99.00 or higher. The Dean may consider slight variations to these requirements if you have demonstrated exceptional performance in scientific study, for example, medal winners in an International Science or Mathematics Olympiad.

It is also possible for you to gain entry to the TSP in the second and third year of your degree should you meet the academic average mark (AAM) requirements. TSP students often join other high achieving students in particular disciplines by enrolling in the Special Studies Program available in that discipline.