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November 8 2016

Science Teachers' Worshop in Earth and Environmental Sciences

November 9 2016

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April 26 - June 7 2016

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School of Geosciences

Welcome to the School of Geosciences, a dynamic and varied group of disciplines made up of Geology, Geography and Geophysics.

Our research and teaching on environment, sustainability, cities, coastal studies, climate change and similar themes means we are addressing national priorities and issues of importance to people in Sydney, throughout Australia and around the world. As a student in the School of Geosciences you will learn how to analyse problems, work out solutions, and communicate these clearly to others. Your studies will reward you with valuable skills to launch a professional career often involving international travel, out-of-doors work in exotic locations, and the ability to contribute to better environmental futures. Read more

Latest News

  • 5 Minutes with Bill Pritchard

    We talk to Professor Bill Pritchard about his research and his work with honours students and the University's Honours Week. The Geosciences Honours Information Session is on 14 September, 2-3pm at Madsen Conference Room 449 - everyone is welcome.

  • Outstanding Achievement in Research Collaboration

    A project team and PhD student have been recognised with CRC awards at AFAC16 powered by INTERSCHUTZ, the CRC's annual conference held in colloboration with AFAC in Brisbane last week.

  • The Great Barrier Reef Has Been Hiding A Massive New Reef?!

    University of Sydney, James Cook University and Queensland University of Technology scientists working with laser data from the Royal Australian Navy have discovered a vast reef behind the familiar Great Barrier Reef!

  • Staff Spotlight: Lan Hui

    Part of Lan's role involves fostering good working relationships and creating collaborative teaching arrangements, postgraduate student exchange and research opportunities between the School of Geosciences and international universities.

  • Solving Earth's Giant Jigsaw Puzzle of Tectonic Plates

    Plate tectonics drives earthquakes and volcanism, forms precious mineral deposits and controls the planet's long-term carbon cycle. But why do we have just a few large plates, and many tiny plates? Does it matter? These questions have now been answered by a French-Australian-Swiss team, including Professor Dietmar Muller and Dr. Maria Seton from the University of Sydney School of Geosciences in the journal Nature on 15 June 2016.