School of Geosciences

Welcome to the School of Geosciences, a dynamic and varied group of disciplines made up of Geology, Geography and Geophysics.

Studying at the School of Geosciences will reward you with valuable skills to launch a professional career often involving international travel, out-of-doors work in exotic locations, and the ability to contribute to better environmental futures. Read more

Latest News

  • Mapping the seafloor from space

    <img border= A new high-resolution marine gravity map that reveals tiny seafloor features has been created by an international scientific team using satellite radar measurements of the ocean surfaces.

  • Hunger games: changing targets and the politics of global nutrition

    <img border= During the United Nations General Assembly meetings this week, Ban Ki-Moon has convened a high-level side event on the Zero Hunger Challenge. This initiative by the UN Secretary-General bears the tag line "Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes".

  • Geosciences offering Intensive Field School to India

    <img border= We are pleased to announce an Intensive Field School to India will be held in February 2015. This Field School will be worth 6cp and is tailored to students in Geography, Political Economy and Development Studies.