School of Geosciences

Welcome to the School of Geosciences, a dynamic and varied group of disciplines made up of Geology, Geography and Geophysics.

Studying at the School of Geosciences will reward you with valuable skills to launch a professional career often involving international travel, out-of-doors work in exotic locations, and the ability to contribute to better environmental futures. Read more

Latest News

  • $5.4 million funds hi-tech approach to studying geology of basins

    <img border= A radical new approach to analysing sedimentary basins also harnesses technology in a completely novel way. An international research group, led by the University of Sydney, will use big data sets and exponentially increased computing power to model the interaction between processes on the earth's surface and deep below it in 'five dimensions'.

  • Congratulations graduates!

    <img border= Congratulations to our Geosciences graduates Dr Nathaniel Butterworth, Dr Paula Brown, Dr Kevin Davies, Dr Marco Ferraz, Dr Raewyn Graham, Dr Daniel Harris, Dr Reza Jamshidialashti, Dr Michael Kinsela, Dr Kara Matthews and Dr Worawan Sukraroek.

  • Sea Level Shifts Helped Shape Galapagos' Biological Diversity

    <img border= The findings, published online in the Journal of Biogeography on April 23, suggest that over the last half million years, major fluctuations in sea level have regularly reconfigured the Galapagos' geography. This has in turn fundamentally shaped biological evolution on the islands.