Welcome to the School of History & Philosophy of Science

HPS places science in its historical and social contexts and examines how science differs from other forms of knowledge. It observes not only the past but also contemporary theoretical and experimental developments in all areas of science and technology from a range of humanistic perspectives.

HPS offers a balanced program of history, philosophy and social studies of science and medicine from undergraduate to PhD degrees. Graduates emerge with valuable skills in any career requiring an understanding of science, with relevance for careers in government, journalism, academia, science communication, or industry requiring the ability to address and manage complex problems.

Any student with a genuine interest in science will derive benefit from study in the history and philosophy of science.



  • A Celebration Of History And Philosophy Of Science

    HPS is now a School! This is a welcome change that supports and recognises the achievements of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Sydney from 1945 to now and into the future. We have three speakers that will address the past, present and future of HPS and to recognise the outstanding 35 year success of the seminal HPS text "What is This Thing Called Science?" Alan Chalmers.Cat design Ted Poulter Copyright reproduced by kind permission of UQ press from “What is this thing called Science?” By Alan Chalmers

    To all those who have contributed to the success of History and Philosophy of Science, colleagues and to all our friends please join us for this event.

    Monday 5th March 2018, 6-8pm

    RSVP hps.admin@sydney.edu.au

  • Adelaide Festival/s Writers Week

    Professor Peter Godfrey-Smith will be presenting at the Adelaide Festival/s Writers Week on two dates: Natural Wonders with Jim Robbins on Wednesday 7th March @ 2.30pm and Other Minds Thursday 8th March @ 2.30pm.