Held in conjunction with Sydney Centre for the Foundations of Science

The HPS Research Seminar Series runs on selected Mondays during Semester time.

Refreshments are provided in the HPS Common Room, Level 3 Carslaw Building from 4.30pm before the Seminar.

All Welcome. No Booking Required. Free

Research Seminar Series - Semester 2, 2015
Date Venue Speaker

Madsen 495 (CCANESA)

Dr H. Darrel Rutkin (University of Sydney)

Talk: Astrology and the Scientific Revolution: A Reappraisal

Time: 5pm


Carslaw 450 (Science Meeting Room)

Prof. Suman Seth (Cornell)

Talk: Difference and Disease: Medicine, Race, and Locality in the Eighteenth Century British Empire

Time: 5pm

17th Madsen 495 (CCANESA)

Justin Smith (Paris)

Talk: Two Concepts of Race in Early Modern Philosophy

Time: 5pm

14th Madsen 495(CCANESA)

Patrick McGivern (Wollongong)

Talk: Minimal Models and Non-Representational Explanation Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

Time: 5pm

18th Carslaw 450

Workshop: "Desire is the Essence of Man": Passions, Imagination and the Body in Early Modern Thought

Time: 915am-4pm

RSVP Essential

21st Madsen 495 (CCANESA)

Gideon Manning (Caltech)

Talk: The Vitality and Importance of Early Modern Galenism

Time: 5pm

12th Madsen 495 (CCANESA)

Jennifer Radden (UMAss Boston)

Talk: Learning from Burton's Anatomy: Epidemics, networks and magic bullets Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

Time: 5pm

19th Madsen 495 (CCANESA)

Jennifer Windt (Monash)

Talk: Remapping Consciousness in Sleep: Towards a Phenomenologically Informed Taxonomy of Sleep States Normal 0 false false false EN-AU X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

Time: 5pm

26th Madsen 495 (CCANESA)

Stephen Stich (Rutgers)

Talk: The Evolution of Morality

Time: 5pm


ARCHIVE: 2014 Research Seminar Series 
Date Venue Speaker
4th Carslaw 450 (Science Meeting Room)

Berris Charnley

Talk: The Trouble with Rogues: genetics, plant breeding and purity in Edwardian Britain

Time: 5pm

1st Carslaw 450 (Science Meeting Room)

Nick Rasmussen (UNSW)

Talk: The Interferon Tournament: Economies of Honor and Credit in the Race to Clone Cancer's Cure

Time: 5pm

8th Carslaw 450 (Science Meeting Room)

Giovanna Colombetti (Exeter)

Talk: Extending the 'extended mind' to the domain of affect

Time: 5pm

15th Carslaw 450 (Science Meeting Room)

Sophie Roux (EN, Paris)

Talk: What Kind of Mechanisms for Cartesian Physics?

Time: 5pm

22nd New Law Annexe, SR115

Sujit Sivasundaram (Cambridge)

Talk: Imperial Transgressions:The Animal and the Human in the Idea of Race

Time: 5pm

13th Carslaw 450 (Science Meeting Room)

David Kaplan (Macquarie)

Talk: Philosophy of Neuroscience

Time: 5pm

20th Carslaw Lecture Room 452

Tony Aspromorgos (Sydney)

Talk: Thomas Piketty, the Future of Capitalism and the Theory of Distribution

Time: 5pm

31st (Friday) Carslaw 450 (Science Meeting Room)


Keynote Speaker: Sarah Walsh (Sydney)

Talk: Answering the Social Question: The Naturalistic Fallacy, Chilean Eugenics, and Nation Building


1:00pm: Ange Petrozzi

1:20pm: Vanessa Finney

1:40pm: Tim Shaw

2:10pm: Break

2:30pm: Anson Fehross

3:00pm: Laura Sumrall

3:30pm: Nick Bozic

4:00pm: Afternoon Tea

4:30pm Keynote: Sarah Walsh
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The Journal of the History of Ideas is pleased to announce the winner of the Selma V. Forkosch Prize for the best article published in the Journal of the History of Ideas each year.

The winners for 2010 are Ofer Gal and Raz Chen-Morris, for "Baroque Optics and the Disappearance of the Observer: From Kepler's Optics to Descartes' Doubt," Volume 71, Number 2, pages 191-217.


2014 Sydney Winter International Graduate School (SWIGS)

2014 SWIGS
2014 SWIGS

The first History and Philosophy of Science (HPS) Sydney Winter International Graduate School (SWIGS) welcomed 12 local and international graduate students to its inaugural program last week.

The week-long initiative saw students from as far afield as Cambridge, Columbia, Brown and Princeton participating in an advanced seminar tutored by visiting convener Professor Anthony Grafton from Princeton University and University of Sydney Associate Professor Ofer Gal

The theme of the seminar - Representation and Causation in Early Modern Science - explored some of the reflections and embedded assumptions about the structures and functions of representation in epistemology, metaphysics, politics and natural philosophy.

"The first SWIGS program has been a great success," Associate Professor Gal said.

"It was a fantastic opportunity to showcase the University's commitment to first class scholarship, in which research and teaching are inseparable, and it demonstrated again that the best institutions in the world will gladly pay for their students and scholars to study with us."

The Faculty of Science plans to build on the success of this year's program, making SWIGS an annual event in the international HPS field, with changing themes and conveners.

Through such programs, the University offers more opportunities for the brightest students from around the globe to experience world-class research and teaching excellence.



Congratulations to Professor Warwick Anderson, who has just been awarded a Laureate Fellowship! This is a huge win for history of medicine and Science studies.

Professor Anderson’s Laureate project ‘Southern racial conceptions: comparative histories and contemporary legacies’ aims to reveal intense scientific debate about what it meant to be human in the southern hemisphere during the twentieth century, placing Australian racial thought in a new context. Through comparative study, it shows the distinctive character and scope of racial ideas in southern settler societies, and assesses their global impact.The Australian reported on the awards in an article within the Higher Education section entitled “Fellowships reward shining stars” The Australian. Further information can be found on the ARC.


24TH AUGUST 2011
Sydney Ideas

Recent delegation from Jiao Tong University, May 2011

The Unit recently hosted a delegation from the History and Philosophy of Science Department of the Jiao Tong University, Shanghai China.

Prof. Weixing, Prof. Guan, Prof. Dong and Prof Zengjian attended a talk presented to the Physics Department by Ass. Professor Ofer Gal, enjoyed a tour of the campus with Hans Pols, attended the regular Monday evening HPS research seminar and traditional pub dinner afterwards. On Tuesday members of the unit and the delegation met at the Darlington Centre which provided an opportunity to share recent research and to discuss future collaborative possibilities between the two universities. On Wednesday the delegation attended a lunch hosted by the Dean of Science.

Jiao Tong University Newsletter


John Forge won the 2010 Eureka Prize for Research in Ethics for his book The Responsible Scientist: A Philosophical Inquiry, which examines the social, moral and legal responsibilities faced by scientists.


Professor Warwick Anderson was awarded the 2010 Ludwick Fleck Prize for this work The Collectors of Lost Souls: Turning Kuru Scientists into Whitemen