Coursework degrees

HPS offers two course-work based degrees: the Graduate Certificate in Science (HPS) and the Graduate Diploma in Science (HPS).

These courses of study provide an introduction to the historical, philosophical, and sociological analysis of science. Candidates will be introduced to the main accounts of the nature of science and the methodologies underlying those interpretations. Upon completion they will understand the distinctive character of HPS and will have acquired a combination of basic research skills which include:

  • basics skills in analysing episodes in the history of science
  • basic skills in the sociological study of science and the dynamic relations between science and society
  • basic skills of philosophical analysis and argumentation

To be eligible to enroll in one of our postgraduate coursework degrees, you need to have an bachelors degree or equivalent.


Graduate Certificate in Science (HPS)

Nine months full-time or up to one and a half years part-time study

The graduate certificate consists of four Units of Study, taken from the list below:

The final grade for the Graduate Certificate is the average of the grades obtained for four Units of Study.

Graduate Diploma in Science (HPS)

One year full-time or up to two years part-time study

The graduate diploma in Science (HPS) is equivalent to the fourth year Honours course in HPS and is normally available to candidates who may not be eligible to enroll in that degree (because, for example, their bachelors degree was obtained more then 10 years ago).

The graduate diploma consists of four Units of Study and writing a 15,000 word thesis based on original research. A thesis supervisor will guide you through the research and writing phase of your thesis.

The graduate diploma consists of four coursework units of study:

and four research units of study which represent work on your thesis:

Your thesis will be graded by two independent academics who are familiar with the thesis topic. The final grade for the Graduate Diploma is: 50% (average grade for Units of Study) and 50% (thesis mark).