Dr Catherine Mills

PhD Australian National University
Please note that I have recently relocated from the University of Sydney to Monash University. My @sydney email address will soon close. Please resend your email to catherine.mills@monash.edu

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Catherine Mills is primarily interested in issues in bioethics, particularly relating to reproductive and genetic technologies, along with aspects of contemporary European philosophy and feminist theory. She has published work on the concept of biopolitics, particularly in the work of Agamben and Foucault, as well as on concepts of responsibility and embodiment in relation to technology.

Current projects

Catherine is currently completing a manuscript on bioethics, biopolitics and responsibility, tentatively entitled Futures of Reproduction, for publication with Springer. This book draws on contemporary continental philosophy and feminist theory (especially the work of Foucault, Derrida, Butler and Cornell) to address issues in bioethical debates around reproductive technologies and genetics.

Selected publications

  • A Manner of Speaking: Declaration, Critique and the Trope of Interrogation Law and Critique 21 (2010) 247-260.
  • The Philosophy of Agamben, Acumen Publishing/McGill-Queens UP, 2008
  • Diprose, R. Hawkins G, Mills, C. Race, K, and Stephenson, N. 'Governing the Future: The Paradigm of Prudence in Political Technologies of Risk Management', Security Dialogue, Special Issue on Risk, 39:2-3, 2008, pp.267-288
  • Mills, C. 'Genetic Screening and Selfhood: Toward a bioethics of singularity', Australian Feminist Studies, Special issue on Science and the Humanities. 23:55, 2008, pp.43-55
  • Mills, C. 'Normative Violence, Vulnerability and Responsibility', Differences: A Journal of Feminist Cultural Studies, 18:2, 2007. (Published with responses by Judith Butler and Fiona Jenkins.)
  • Mills, C. 'Biopolitics, Liberal Eugenics and Nihilism', Giorgio Agamben: Sovereignty and Life, ed. S. DeCaroli and M. Calarco, Stanford UP, 2007, pp.180-202
  • Full list of publications