Dr Chris Degeling

BVSc. Grad Dip Sci. PhD. University of Sydney
Room 156 Carslaw

+61 2 9036 6586

Chris Degeling is interested in human-animal relations and the history and philosophy of biomedicine. He has conducted research on comparative medicine, animal modelling and the history of knowledge translation between orthopaedic surgery and veterinary practice.

Current projects

Chris has recently submitted his PhD thesis entitled: Specificity and Surgery: Humans, animals, and the negotiation of pathology in orthopaedic practice. He is currently developing a project examining how non-human health knowledges can be utilised to realise human health outcomes. He currently holds the position of Postdoctoral Fellow of Health Promotion at the Animal-Human Interface at the University of Calgary.

Selected publications

Chris has published on the history and philosophy of biomedicine in surgery, and on ethics.

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Other professional contributions

Chris Degeling is a Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and a practicing veterinarian.