Associate Professor John Forge

BA Cornell, Dip. Ed. McGill, MA, Ph.D. London

John Forge, having happily retired from formal university life, is now an honorary associate in HPS. John very occasionally does some casual teaching in HPS and (far from casual) research in science and ethics.

For his book The Responsible Scientist (Pittsburgh, 2008), Forge was awarded the David Harold Tribe Prize in Philosophy and in 2010 the Eureka Prize in Research Ethics.

John discusses matters of morality and ethics on his website Morality Matters

Current Projects

Forge has a general theory about science and responsibility – see above. His current project is to work out the conditions under which it is acceptable for scientists to engage in weapons/war research. This is the topic of a number of papers, three encyclopedia entries, and two books:
Designed to Kill: The Case Against Weapons Research (Springer, 2012).
The Morality of Weapons Design and Development
(IGI, 2017)and it is to be the topic of a
'Springer Brief in Applied Ethics' coming out sometime this year (2018).

Selected Publications

In the past Forge has published, and occasionally still does publish, work in the philosophy of science. His most recent work is "Sharp and Blunt Values", Journal of Philosophy Of Education, 12, 2003. His account of physical science, which is based on ontology of quantity and laws of nature, is given in his Explanation, Quantity and Law. Ashgate: Aldershot, 1999.

Other Professional Contributions

Forge is an active member of the fellowship of philosophers of science based in Pittsburgh. He was editor of Metascience, and has refereed and served on editorial boards.