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The International Year of Astronomy - IYA2009
In 2009 it is 400 years since Galileo turned a telescope to the heavens. The International Year of Astronomy (IYA2009), a global celebration of astronomy and its contributions to society and culture, marks this event. The School of Physics and the University of Sydney have plans for IYA, so look at our IYA Events page and the University's IYA page over coming months. Also see the Australian IYA web site for national IYA information.

See the IYA Advertising Trailer on YouTube or download higher resolution versions from the IYA Trailer page.

  • 25 November 2009
    The official book launch of Under the Radar, the biography of Ruby Payne-Scott (1912-1981), graduate of the School of Physics and the world’s first female radio astronomer.... Invitation
    COST: Free
    RSVP: Ring 9036 5194 or email
  • 18 November 2009
    The Space Boffins Have a Plan: Professor Iver Cairns is interviewed on ABC Radio National on the Federal Government's Space Policy Unit and Decadal Plan...
  • 19 November 2009
    Public talk: "Evidence for Murder: How physics convicted a killer"How did physics help to convict Gordon Wood?
    COST: Free
    RSVP: Ring 9351 3472 with your name and number of seats required.
  • October 2009
    In October, the book "Evidence for Murder: How physics convicted a killer" by Associate Professor Rod Cross will be released ... more
  • 27 September 2009
Rat PET scan

Adjunct Associate Professor Roger Fulton and his team have been awarded the Siemens High Performance Pre-clinical Image of the Year at the 2009 World Molecular Imaging Congress in Montreal. This award is for a 'cutting edge' development in small animal imaging technology - in this case for the PET imaging of awake rats funded by an ARC Discovery Grant.
.... Download the movie (wmv file - 200kB)

  • 23 September 2009
    Juliana Kwan re-thinks how far could you travel in a spaceship travelling at nearly the speed of light ... more

  • 16 September 2009
    Public talk - From Fusion Energy to Spacecraft Propulsion
    Learn about the Charge Exchange Thruster (CXT), a new type of electric propulsion system for spacecraft with Dr Joe Khachan from the School of Physics.... more (pdf)

  • 9 September 2009
    Dr Boris Kuhlmey has been chosen as one of the first ARC Future Fellows, based on his project in photonics ... more

  • 3 September 2009
    Caught on film for the first time ever, astronomers have captured images of our nearest large galaxy, Andromeda, hooking up with its neighbour, the Triangulum Galaxy ... more

  • 26 August 2009
    Stephen Ng and his team have discovered a pulsar caught in the act of bursting out of a supernova remnant called The Frying Pan. ... more

  • 24 August 2009
    When David Hsiao-Chuan Wang accepted the challenge of a University of Sydney scholarship proposal of 'using optics for dental health' he had no idea he would make a pioneering breakthrough in the area of painless analysis of tooth density .... more

  • 20 August 2009
    Public talk - Hunting for Antimatter: Nobel Prize for Physics 2008
    Why is there something instead of nothing? Why are there so many different elementary particles?
    COST: Free
    RSVP: Ring 9351 3472 with your name and number of seats required.

  • 10-29 August 2009
    The 'Frontiers of Science' exhibition features a science comic series that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald from 1962 to 1987. One of the originators was Professor Stuart Butler, a theoretical physicist at the University of Sydney .... more

  • 7 August 2009
    The Integrated Sustainability Analysis (ISA) team within the School has won the Green Globe Award 2009 in the public sector sustainability category ... more

  • August 2009
    Science Professor of the Month for the Canberra Science Calendar is Marcela Bilek.

  • 20 July - 10 September 2009
    Small Step, Giant Leap: Celebrating Apollo at 40 - an exhibition in SciTech library ... more

  • 13 May 2009
    Federal budget winners include space science and astronomy...more

  • 6 May 2009
    It was a magic night when science and music met at Music and the Cosmos - a Sydney Science Forum event, featuring leading astronomers from the University of Sydney's School of Physics and the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Brass Ensemble ... more

  • 30 April 2009
    Professor Brian Schmidt, from the ANU's Mount Stromlo Observatory, described the life of the Universe and how astronomers have used observations to trace our Universe's history back more than 13 billion years in the Pollock Memorial Lecture
    ... more

  • 23 April 2009
    On 23rd April the Institute for Photonics and Optical Science (IPOS) was formally opened by Senator Senator Anne McEwen, Chair of the Senate Standing Committee on Environment, Communications and the Arts, and the Vice-Chancellor ... more

    See the IPOS video The Photonic Universe - faster, further, smarter
  • 4 April 2009
    MOST live on the web
100HA banner
  • The University of Sydney's MOST featured in Around the World in 80 Telescopes, a live video webcast as part of the 100 hours of astronomy IYA event. See the MOST video (above), along with other Australian and international observatories, at the Around the World in 80 Telescopes web site.

  • 1 April 2009
    Ten Japanese students from Tohoku University have taken part in an innovative new program to learn English through Physics and Mathematics lectures ...more

  • 30 March 2009
    Greg Madsen helped move the WHAM telescope to Chile to map interstellar gas in the southern sky ...more

  • 22 March 2009
    A seemingly impossible sparkle of green light from a silicon chip has opened up a whole new field of possibilities for communications devices...more

  • 12 March 2009
    On 7 March 2009 NASA launched the Kepler Spacecraft into orbit around the Sun. Kepler will help scientists answer a very fundamental question: do planets the size of Earth exist in orbit around other stars? Read the Press Release.
    Using Kepler, a team of scientists from the School of Physics are leading research to measure the ages of stars that are much older than our sun ... more

  • 15 February 2009
    Ben Eggleton and his CUDOS team have developed a photonic integrated circuit that can not only increase internet networks speeds making them 60 times faster, but can act as traffic monitors to keep the speed high and error-free. ... more

  • 16 January 2009
    Joss Bland-Hawthorn, with colleagues at the Anglo-Australian Observatory and Redfern Optical Components, are transforming astronomy with their innovative new light filter system for telescopes.... more

  • 15 January 2009
    Shintaro Tsuruta, a current Bachelor of Science student, has received a Commendable Effort certificate in the Space Generation Advisory Council's International Year of Astronomy Essay Competition. ... more