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Junior (1st year) Physics

Semester 1
PHYS 1001 Physics 1 (Regular) Mechanics Shari Breen
Mike Wheatland
    Thermal Physics Helen Johnston
Pulin Gong
    Waves & Oscillations Amol Choudhary
Rongkun Zheng
PHYS 1002 Physics 1 (Fundamentals) Language of Physics Manju Sharma
Cathy Stampfl
    Mechanics Helen Johnston
Kevin Varvell
    Waves & Oscillations  Sergio Leon-Saval
Svetlana Postnova
PHYS 1901 Physics 1A (Advanced) Mechanics Tim Bedding
    Waves, Oscillations & Chaos Zdenka Kuncic

Thermal Physics

Boris Kuhlmey

MRTY 1031 Medical Radiation Physics Where do X-rays come from? John O'Byrne
    X-rays in the body  Elise Pogson
    X-ray imaging  Elaine Ryan
Semester 2
PHYS 1003 Physics 1 (Technological) Electricity & Magnetism Andrew Doherty
Rongkun Zheng
    Fluids Julia Bryant
    Quantum Physics John O'Byrne
PHYS 1004 Physics 1 (Environmental & Life Science) Electricity & Magnetism Marcela Bilek
    Properties of Matter David McKenzie
    Radiation Mark Pelusi
PHYS 1500 Astronomy Solar System
Nicholas Scott
    Milky Way
Extragalactic astronomy
Peter Tuthill
PHYS 1902 Physics 1B (Advanced) Electricity & Magnetism Geraint Lewis
    Fluids Shelley Wickham
    Quantum Physics Helen Johnston
COSC 1003 &
COSC 1903
Introduction to Computational Science &
Introduction to Computational Science (Adv.)
  Tristram Alexander
MRTY 1036 Health Physics and Radiation Biology Radiation Physics and Nuclear-based Imaging  Elise Pogson
    Dosimetry and Legislation  Giorgios Angelis
    Radiation Biology  Yaser Gholami

Intermediate (2nd year) Physics

Semester 1
PHYS 2011 Physics 2A Optics John O'Byrne
    Thermodynamics Iver Cairns
PHYS 2911 Physics 2A (Advanced) Optics (Advanced) Ben Eglleton
    Thermodynamics Martijn de Sterke
Semester 2
PHYS 2012 Physics 2B Quantum Physics Mike Wheatland
    Electromagnetic Properties of Matter Serdar Kuyucak
PHYS 2013 Astrophysics & Relativity Cosmology Scott Croom
Krzysztof Bolejko
    Special Relativity Luke Barnes
PHYS 2213 Physics 2EE Optical Devices Sergio Leon-Saval
    Solid State and Device Physics Pourandokht Naseri
    Electromagnetic Properties of Matter David McKenzie
PHYS 2912 Physics 2B (Advanced) Quantum Physics (Advanced) Stephen Bartlett
    Electromagnetic Properties of Matter (Advanced) Boris Kuhlmey
PHYS 2913 Astrophysics & Relativity (Advanced) Cosmology Scott Croom
Krzysztof Bolejko
    Special Relativity Tim Bedding

Senior (3rd year) Physics

Semester 1
  Electromagnetism Tristram Alexander
  Electromagnetism (Advanced) Martijn de Sterke
  Quantum Physics Archil Kobakhidze
  Quantum Physics (Advanced) Michael Biercuk
  Astrophysics Helen Johnston
  Plasma Physics Joe Khachan
Semester 2
  Statistical Mechanics Steve Flammia
  Statistical Mechanics (Advanced) Stephen Bartlett
  Condensed Matter Physics Cathy Stampfl
  High Energy Physics Kevin Varvell
Bruce Yabsley
  Optics Martijn de Sterke

Honours (4th year) Physics

Semester 1
  Advanced Electromagnetic Theory Serdar Kuyucak
  Advanced Optical Physics

Stefano Palomba

Ben Eggleton

Andrea Blanco Redondo

  General Relativity Andrew Doherty
  Nuclear Physics half-course Bruce Yabsley
  Space Physics half-course Iver Cairns
  Teaching & Learning Physics half-course Manju Sharma
  Quantum Field Theory Archil Kobakhidze
  Bayesian Reasoning half-course Peter Tuthill
Semester 2
  Quantum Nanoscience Stephen Bartlett
David Reilly
  Physics of the Standard Model Kevin Varvell 
  Particle Cosmology &Astrophysics

Joss Bland-Hawthorn
Archil Kobakhidze
Michael Schmidt

  Kinetic Theory half-course Martijn de Sterke
  Neurodynamics half-course Pulin Gong

Postgraduate Coursework Program

Medical Physics
  Program coordinator Annette Haworth