Undergraduate Physics

A brief outline of undergraduate physics is provided on the Physics Courses page. The links below provide more specific information on various aspects of undergraduate physics.

physics majors

Teaching Years

Science Transition Program fitting in to uni life

Science Bridging Courses preparation before you start uni

Junior (1st year)
Apart from the main Junior Physics units, you should also consider

Students in the Faculty of Education may be interested in:

Intermediate (2nd year)

Senior (3rd year)

Honours (4th Year)

Talented Student Program
If you have a high ATAR (or equivalent) then there is a special physics program for you!

International Exchange Program
Consider spending part of your degree studying overseas.

Other Major

Nanoscience and Technology
A Science major including a choice of units offered by Physics, Chemistry and Mechanical Engineering.

More Physics Information

School of Physics FAQ

School of Physics Scholarships and Prizes

Faculty of Science/University Course Information

Faculty Handbooks

Information for Future Students on Science courses

University Information for Future Students

University Information for INTERNATIONAL Undergraduate Students

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