Administrative, Building & HR Services

Administrative & Building Services

  • Building and room access, and key requests, email:
  • Building faults and maintenance, email:
  • Cleaning issues, email:
  • Appointments with the Head of School, email:
  • Cab charge vouchers, email:
  • Visitor parking vouchers, email:
  • Stationary orders, email:

HR Services

Requests for any of the services or issues listed below, please email .

  • Recruitment – job advertising, forms, and enquiries
  • Employment contracts (continuing, fixed-term and casual)
  • Honorary appointments, Visiting Scholars, and Research Affiliates
  • Occupational Trainees
  • End of contract advice
  • Leaving the University
  • HR Forms - requires unikey
  • HR policy advice
  • Leave enquiries
  • Pay enquiries
  • AP&D and PM&D process

School Resources

Physics users can book resources through their Outlook client (on Mac or Windows) and via Outlook WebApp (through any web browser). Booking instructions for these resources on your preferred OS can be found at the Physics Resources Booking site.

  • Conference Phone
  • Data Projector
  • Foundation Room 208 - video conferencing enabled (call ICT x16000 for assistance)
  • Meeting Room 327B - adjacent to Physics Tea Room
  • Staff Parking Permit
  • School Vehicles can be booked via: the PoolCar system, contact the if you require access to this system
  • Lecture Theatre bookings contact the on 9351 3037 or email .

Scientific Computing Services and IT Support

School of Physics IT Support requests and information.

Sydney Nanoscience Hub (SNH) Meeting Rooms

SNH Meeting Rooms on Levels 3 and 4 can be booked through Microsoft Outlook. Check availability by searching for building code *A31 in Contact Search.

  • SNH Meeting Room 3017 (seats 8) - phone and TV screen
  • SNH Meeting Room 3024 (seats 20) - phone, computer and data projector
  • SNH Meeting Room 3009 (seats 8) - not for general use, as requires SNH building access

Level 4 Meeting Room requests are subject to confirmation by Sydney Nano.

  • SNH Meeting Room 4017 (seats 8) - phone and TV screen
  • SNH Meeting Room 4020 (seats 20) - phone, computer and data projector

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