Teaching & Learning Committee

(formerly the Academic Programs Committee)


Manages the teaching program of the School of Physics, and provides advice to the Head of School on matters relating to the School’s teaching program.

The Teaching & Learning Committee is responsible for the

  • pedagogy
  • learning outcomes
  • operation
  • quality assurance
  • ongoing development
  • accreditation

of the School's teaching program.

The Head of School allocates teaching duties on the advice of the Chair of the Teaching & Learning Committee, in consultation with the Coordinators of the various teaching years.


  • Chair, Teaching & Learning Committee
  • Junior, Intermediate, Senior and Honours Year Coordinators
  • Junior, Intermediate and Senior Laboratory Coordinators
  • Postgraduate Coursework and Research Coordinators
  • Talented Student Program (TSP) Coordinator
  • Head of School (ex-officio)
  • School representative on the Faculty of Science Undergraduate Studies Committee
  • School representative on the Faculty of Science Postgraduate Studies Committee
  • School representative on the Faculty of Science Learning and Teaching Committee

Year Teaching and Learning Committees

In addition to the School Teaching & Learning Committee, individual teaching 'years' (Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Honours and Postgraduate coursework) have their own Teaching & Learning Committees. Minimum membership of these committees (including any deputies or people sharing roles) is:

  • Chair (year coordinator)
  • lab coordinator
  • all lecturers for that semester

'Extra' junior units (MRTY, PHYS 1500, EDUH 1017) also have with their own small 'committees' but (at least formally) include the Chair of the Junior Teaching & Learning Committee and report to that committee.

Minutes of Recent Meetings (pdf)

Teaching & Learning Committee
Academic Programs Committee