School Committees

Links to committees within the School.

Colloquium and Outreach Committee

Members are drawn from across the School, to advise the Head of School on outreach activities, as well as continue a vibrant colloquium program drawn from local and international researchers.

IT Advisory Committee

Provides insight, advice and guidance on IT services for the School.

Physics Equity and Access Committee (PEAC)

The goals of the Committee are to devise policies and actions for the School of Physics to promote equity across many areas, to make our work environment supportive of all staff and to actively remove diversity biases both conscious and unconscious. We plan to implement and then continuously monitor and improve our programs.

Postgraduate Committee

Provides formalised academic oversight of admissions to Postgraduate Research programs (MPhil and PhD), and monitoring of enrolled Higher Degree by Research candidates.

Professorial Advisory Committee (PAC)

Provides advice to the Head of School on all issues relating to the School. Meets once per month.

Research Strategy Committee (RSC)

The overall purpose of the Research Strategy Committee is to advise the Head of School on issues of research strategy, especially with regards to the future research directions and opportunities.

Safety Committee

Provides advice to the Head of School on issues relating to workplace health and safety matters within the School of Physics. The School Safety Officer, who is a member of the Safety Committee, is responsible to the Head of School on a day-to-day basis for operational matters regarding occupational health and safety.

School Board

The School Board is constituted and operated as specified by resolution of the Senate (for further information see Resolutions of the Senate - Departments, Schools and Committees 21. (1)). All staff and students are welcome to attend.

School Management Committee

Provides advice to the Head of School on issues relating to day-to-day management of the School.

Space and Infrastructure Committee

Advises Head of School on all aspects of physical space usage and allocation in the School.

Teaching and Learning Committee

Manages the teaching program of the School of Physics, and provides advice to the Head of School on matters relating to the School’s teaching program.