Sustainability in the School of Physics

The University's Sustainable Campus initiative aims to engage staff in the challenges of implementing sustainable practices at work. The program is represented by members of the Sustainable Workplace Team who act as ‘champions’ to assist colleagues in making a difference in workplaces across the University. With recent staff changes, the Physics representatives on the Sustainable Workplace Team have reduced to:

The team aims to provide support and information on sustainability issues and help lead an approach to sustainability in Physics that is driven by the staff and students.

If you are interested in sustainability issues and would like to become engaged at a 'grass roots' level with the University, please contact John.

The School of Physics is well placed to be a leader in sustainability based on the technical background of the staff and students. The School is also home to specific expertise, in particular the Integrated Sustainability Analysis group. ISA is internationally known for its Triple Bottom Line/Sustainability Reporting procedures and software.

Physics Sustainability Initiatives

The Physics representatives on the Sustainable Workplace Team have outlined a program of initiatives for the School - small steps for individuals and the School to add to things we already do. The following ideas have been explored:

  • Publicise easy actions staff can take (see below)
  • Reduce paper usage by printing and copying less and using double-sided printing whenever possible
  • Minimise unnecessary lighting by using motion sensors in suitable public areas
  • Provide separate recycling bins at key locations in the School to send a visible recycling message to undergraduate students
  • Compacting and recycling of styrofoam packaging
  • Improve water efficiency in toilets and all water outlets

Do you have any ideas? Contact the .

What do we do already?

  • Printer cartridges are recycled via the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program
  • Use 100% recycled paper
  • Blue paper recycling bins are provided for waste paper and cardboard
  • Periodic 'Bring out your dead' campaigns for recycling of computer equipment via the University's e-waste recycling
  • COMING 'Sustainability Display Board' in the Services Room (printer/copier Room 213A on the ground floor of A28) provides facilities for you to recycle:
    * Batteries (especially from lecture theatres)
    * Printer cartridges
    * Mobile phones (via mobilemuster)
    * Greeting cards (via Cards 4 Planet Ark)

What you can do

  • Print less - disk space is cheap and easily searched, often making it much easier to find than a printed copy.
  • Print double-sided whenever possible. If not, can you reprint on the back or use the pages as note paper?
  • Put waste paper into the blue recycling bins (large amounts should go straight to the skip in the car park)
  • Take other recyclables home (until suitable bins are provided in Physics)
  • Set computer monitors and disks to sleep when idle and turn them off at night where possible
  • Turn off other equipment (photocopiers and research equipment) overnight
  • Recycle batteries, especially from lecture theatres
  • Use natural lighting during the day (when possible) and turn off unnecessary lights at night
  • Use natural ventillation in your office (if possible) to minimise use of air conditioning
  • Avoid driving to work where possible
  • Report leaky taps and toilets (Call 9351 7838)

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