Student Profile: Dougal Dobie

What was my project about?

Dougal Dobie

Dougal Dobie

My TSP Project was title "The Period Luminosity Relationship in Red Supergiants". Red Supergiants (RSGs) are a type of large, red star that show variations in brightness over time. The period of this brightness variation appears to be linked to how bright the star actually is and this is what the project investigated. Their periods are very long (500-1000 days) so they require a long observation time which is why we used recently released data from the Digital Access to A Sky Century @ Harvard database, which had never been used for this purpose before.

Period Luminosity relation

We are able to extend the existing trends of the period lumonisoty relation using the new digitized database

What I enjoyed about research.

The most enjoyable aspect of my research experience was making breakthroughs. There was a lot of hard work and a lot of tearing my hair out for hours on end when something just wasn't working, but solving those problems is one of the most rewarding feelings I've ever experienced. Another great thing about TSP research in particular is the opportunity to share your work with other students and learn about a whole range of topics that you wouldn't get a chance to find out about otherwise.