Master of Clinical Psychology (MCP)
Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy (MCP/PhD)
Complete ONE online application form for EITHER MCP OR MCP/PhD (not both)
* If you intend to be considered for the MCP, if not offered a place for the MCP/PhD double degree, you will be required to tick both the MCP and MCP/PhD boxes on the supplementary form
* All qualifications obtained from a non-Australian Higher Education Provider must include assessment by the Australian Psychological Society (APS). APS Assessment processing time is up to 6-8 weeks and must be complete before the closing date.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
* If you intend to enrol in the PhD, if not offered a place for the MCP/PhD double degree, you will be required to submit an additional Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) application.
* If you intend to enrol in the PhD, if not offered a place for the MCP/PhD double degree, you may submit a scholarship application by the APA UPA scholarship deadline

MCP MCPPhD Supplementary form
Upload Supplementary form to online application
MCP MCP/PhD Referee Report Forms
Nominate two referees on the online referee report form BEFORE the closing date
Referee report forms will be emailed directly to your referee for completion
MCP:        two academic (or one academic and one work experience)
MCP/PhD: two academic

Supporting documents


  • Transcript - Complete official academic transcripts (if applicable with grading system)
  • Grading - Grading system (if not on transcript)
  • Testamur - Testamur or proof of completion (stating degree awarded and date of completion)
  • Honours - Evidence of both Honours class AND grade (eg. First class honours, 86% 6/7 GPA)
  • APS - Australian Psychological Society (APS) assessment letter (6-8 week processing time) (if applicable)
  • Translations - Official English translation of any document not issued in English (if applicable)
  • Research thesis - Evidence of completion of major research project and thesis:
    Australian: Transcript OR fourth year coordinator letter OR abstract
    Non-Australian: Supplementary form - Degree name, thesis title and thesis abstract, include methods used, whether project was theoretical or conducted with methods consistent Australian four year honours degree.
  • Research - Research proposal (MCPPhD applicants only)
  • Research supervisor - Evidence of Supervisor contact and acceptance (MCPPhD applicants only)

Supplementary.pdf - Supplementary form

Passport.pdf - Evidence of residency status (birth certificate or passport or certificate of citizenship); Proof of change of name (if applicable)

English.pdf - Evidence of satisfying the University's and AHPRA's English language requirement (eg. IELTS) (if applicable)

Upload instructions

  • Upload documents to online application as PDF files collated, merged and named as above. Merge all academic transcript related documents listed above into one file "ACADEMIC.pdf" and upload into one field. Upload "SUPPLEMENTARY FORM.pdf". Only details supplied on this form will be assessed. DO NOT upload personal essays, cover letters, CVs, certificates, as only information on the supplementary form is assessed. Your personal suitability is assessed at interview. Merge identification and residency related documents into "PASSPORT.pdf" and english proficiency related documents into "ENGLISH.pdf".
  • DO NOT upload any other documents that are not listed as supporting document above.


  • To be eligible for admission, applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements.
  • All qualifications obtained from a non-Australian Higher Education Provider must include assessment by the Australian Psychological Society (APS). The APS Assessment may take up to 6-8 weeks and must be completed before the deadline.
  • To apply an online application must be submitted by the application closing date, including uploading the supplementary form, supporting documents and two referee reports submitted directly from the referee to the Admissions Office.
  • All documents must be received by the deadline or the application will be considered incomplete and will not be evaluated nor proceed to interview. Late applications are not accepted.

Supplementary Form

  • Download MCP MCP/PhD Supplementary form, complete and upload to Sydney Student online application.
  • Complete the supplementary form electronically as an interactive PDF, type in highlighted fields, save with Adobe Acrobat Professional, or print and scan. Complete all sections of the supplementary form within the spaces provided. Do not submit attachments instead of completing the supplementary form. Please ensure that you complete the most relevant information in the spaces provided as any other documents uploaded will not be assessed.
  • If you intend to be considered for the MCP, if not offered a place for the MCPPhD double degree, you will be required to tick both the MCP and MCPPhD boxes on the supplementary form. * If you intend to enrol in the PhD, if not offered a place for the MCPPhD double degree, you will be required to submit an additional PhD application.

Referee Report Forms

  • Applicants must submit two referee reports
    MCP: One referee report must be academic, the other may be a work experience referee or a second academic referee. If you do not have any relevant work experience or are unable to obtain a work experience referee, submit two academic referee reports.
    MCPPhD: Two academic referee reports must be submitted. Work experience referee reports are not accepted.
  • Nominate two referees on online form
    Submit the contact details of your two nominated referees through the online form. The Admissions Office will receive this information and email each of your referees a 1-page referee report form to complete. The provision of your referee contact details by the deadline allows sufficient time for the Admissions Team to provide your referee with the report form and several weeks for your referee to return the completed form by 20 October. It is recommended to nominate your referees online well advance of the application closing date to allow sufficient time for referees to complete the referee report forms and return by the deadline.
  • Referee to email completed referee reports directly to the University by 20 October
    Nominate two referees on online form by the deadline. The Admissions Office will email your referee directly to complete a referee report form. The referee is to complete the referee report form electronically. The referee emails the completed referee report by 20 October to:
  • Applications without two referee report forms will be considered incomplete. Incomplete applications are unable to be assessed and unable to proceed to the selection interview. Applicants are advised to contact the referees in advance to inform them that you have applied for the MCP or MCP/PhD and that they will be contacted by email requesting the completion of referee reports.
  • Referee reports must adhere to confidentiality procedures and be submitted directly from the referee to the Admissions Office. Referee reports submitted by the applicant will not be accepted.
  • The referee report form is a standardised form which includes:
    - One-page form divided into three sections
    - Level of support for the candidate's application
    - Strengths and weakness ratings
    - Paragraph to justify level of support and ratings

Research Proposal - MCP&PhD Applicants Only

Only applicants applying for the Master of Clinical Psychology and Doctor of Philosophy (MCP/PhD) double degree are required to submit a research proposal. To be eligible for consideration, it is likely you will require a minimum result first class honours. If you meet the admission criteria for the PhD, your first step is to arrange for a supervisor and second to prepare a research proposal.

1. School of Psychology Research Supervisor
Research Supervisor Connect
School of Psychology Staff Research Areas
Clinical Psychology Unit Staff Research Areas
Potential supervisors and their research areas are listed on the School of Psychology Research Staff webpage. You may also search for a potential supervisor through Research Supervisor Connect. Please contact the staff engaged in areas of research in which you are interested and discuss your research proposal. Please note that research programs developed without any contact with a potential supervisor are generally not accepted and you are strongly advised to nominate a supervisor in your application with whom you have had contact.

2. Research proposal
Once you have arranged a supervisor, you should compose a brief proposal (300 – 500 words is more than sufficient) to upload with your application. The proposal should contain:
* The area of focus of the proposed research
* Any prior research experience and, where appropriate, copies of papers already published
* The name of the potential supervisor(s) that you have contacted regarding your research proposal
Please upload your research proposal to your application.

3. Upload evidence of contact with the research supervisor, with confirmation of acceptance.

Tertiary Qualifications

  • Complete official academic transcript
    A transcript is a breakdown of the individual subjects completed in your degree (different to a testamur or degree certificate).
  • Grading system
    The grading system is on the reverse of your transcript. If not, a printout from your Faculty Handbook is acceptable.
  • Testamur (if graduated)
    A testamur is the degree certificate awarded at your graduation ceremony.
  • Proof of completion (if not yet graduated)
    Proof of completion can be of two types:
    a) If you have one semester left to complete your current course of study, you should include transcripts up until your final semester and official documentation from your institution stating that you will finish at the end of the semester and the name of the degree you will be awarded or transcript showing enrolment in your final semester.
    (b) If you have completed your studies but have not yet had a graduation ceremony and been awarded a testamur, you should provide official documentation from your institution stating the name of the degree you have completed and the date of completion.
  • Fourth year result pending
    If you are currently enrolled in your fourth year and your results are pending, provide the name, University, phone and email contacts for your fourth year coordinator on the Supplementary Form. Please provide written consent to your fourth year coordinator to release information and results to the University of Sydney for the purposes of application.
  • Individually (or group) conducted research project and thesis
    All qualifications, in particular qualifications obtained from a non-Australian Higher Education Provider, must include a major research project and thesis as an essential part of the degree. Upload evidence of an individually (or group) conducted research project and thesis, if not detailed on your academic transcript, particularly for non-Australian qualifications. Provide degree name, thesis title and thesis abstract, including information on methods used and whether the project was theoretical or conducted with methods consistent with an Australian fourth year Honours degree.
  • Honours class AND grade
    1. Online application "Academic qualifications/Class or grade": Record Honours class AND Honours grade
    2. Supplementary form "Tertiary qualifications/Class/Grade": Record Honours class AND Honours grade
    3. Upload evidence of BOTH Honours class AND Honours grade
  • Honours class (e.g. Honours 1, Honours 2.1, Post Graduate Diploma (Pass with Merit))
    Honours grade (e.g. 83%, 3.2/4 GPA, your actual overall result for fourth year only)
  • Contact your fourth year coordinator if Honours class and grade are not both supplied on your academic transcript. Provide evidence from your fourth year coordinator of your fourth year results as a percentage or GPA.
  • If not available, provide your academic transcript and grading system, outlining individual results achieved for each unit of study in fourth year, along with the fourth year Honours weighting scheme at your University. For example at the University of Sydney: Empirical Thesis (50%); Theoretical Thesis or Special Fields Coursework (30%); Coursework (30%) - Research Methods (15%) and Ethics and Professional Issues (5%).
  • APS assessment of any non-Australian qualification
    All qualifications obtained from a non-Australian Higher Education Provider must be assessed by the Australian Psychological Society (APS) to be deemed equivalent to an Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC) accredited four year Honours degree in Psychology from a Higher Education Provider. Upload APS assessment letter.
  • Post Graduate Diploma (Honours equivalent stream)
    If you completed a Post Graduate Diploma that is equivalent to the Honours degree at the same University, however, only available to students who completed their undergraduate at that University, provide a letter from your fourth year coordinator stating it is directly equivalent to the Honours stream.
  • English translations
    If the original language of issue for any of these documents is not English then the originals should be provided together with a certified English translation.

English Proficiency

  • Applicants must comply with the English language requirements of University of Sydney and Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA). Visit the AHPRA English language standards website for more details. For example, minimum English proficiency test results: IELTS (or AHPRA approved equivalent) accepted. For IELTS test scores an overall IELTS score of 7.0, with no band less than 7.0 are required. Test scores must be less than two years old at the date of application.
    AHPRA English language standards
    University of Sydney English Language Proficiency Requirements


  • Include type of publication - journal article, manuscript, published report, conference presentation, etc.
  • Indicate status of the publication - published, accepted, in press, submitted, in preparation.
  • Provide details - full citation (APA style).
  • Include your most relevant publications, only in the space provided.

Work Experience

  • Include job title
  • Include employer
  • Include description of duties performed and with which patient groups
  • Tick boxes to indicate whether the work was paid or voluntary
  • Tick boxes to indicate the position type (Psychologist, Counsellor, Clinical research) or list other position types (Other)
  • Indicate the length of employment as number of hours per week over number of months or years (e.g. 10 hours per week, 6 months).
  • Tick boxes to indicate full time equivalence. Full time equivalence is 35 hours per week per year.
  • Maximum of three types of clinically relevant work experience will be considered. Please record only the most clinically relevant and current work experience reporting in order of paid then voluntary experience.

Proof of Residency

  • Birth certificate, passport or certificate of citizenship.

Proof of Change of Name

  • Marriage certificate or other legal documentation (any applicant who has changed their name will need to provide proof of that change of name)

Original or Certified Copies of Documents

  • Certification of Documents Guidelines
  • If you wish to submit originals they must be submitted to:
    The Admissions Office
    Level 4, Jane Foss Russell Building (G02)
    The University of Sydney NSW 2006