Honorary awards

Professor James Johnston Auchmuty

The honorary degree of Doctor of Letters was conferred upon Professor James Johnston Auchmuty by the Chancellor Sir Hermann Black on 18 May 1974.

Professor Auchmuty was Vice-Chancellor of the University of Newcastle.

Chancellor Sir Hermann Black with Professor James Auchmuty

The Chancellor with Professor Auchmuty, photo, The University of Sydney News 5 June 1974, University Archives.

Chancellor Sir Hermann Black with Professor Auchmuty

The Chancellor with Professor Auchmuty, photo, courtesy Cultural Collections, Auchmuty Library, University of Newcastle.


Presented by by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Emeritus Professor William O'Neil:

James Johnston Auchmuty has emerged as a very considerable figure on the Australian academic and scholarly scene since his arrival in Australia in 1952, only 22 years ago.

He was born in Ireland, and completed his formal education in Trinity College, Dublin. He had served as a member of the staff of Dublin University for 10 years and had published a considerable amount of sound scholarly work in books and journals.

In 1946 James Auchmuty went to Egypt to take charge of Historical studies in the University in Alexandria.

After 6 years he came to Australia to join what was then the NSW University of Technology. He was fairly soon transferred to the University's College in Newcastle as Head of the Department of Arts. He became Deputy Warden of the College and Professor of History, its Warden in 1960 and on its becoming autonomous in 1965 the first Vice Chancellor.

He has served as a foundation member of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, Chairman of the Australian Commonwealth Advisory Committee on the Teaching of Asian Languages and Chairman of the Australian Vice-Chancellors' Committee, and has represented Australia on numerous international and Commonwealth bodies.

From The University of Sydney News, 5 June 1974