Honorary awards

Dr Robert Bowden Madgwick

The honorary degree of Doctor of Letters was conferred upon Dr Robert Bowden Madgwick, Vice-Chancellor of the University of New England, on 10 May 1961.


Dr Madgwick graduated Master of Economics from this University in 1932 and later Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Oxford. He was a Rockefeller Research Fellow in 1933-35 and Harbison-Higinbotham Scholar at the University of Melbourne in 1936. Dr Magwick was Senior Lecturer in Economic History at the University of Sydney in 1936 and Secretary of the University of Sydney Extension Board in 1937. He was Director of the Australian Army Educational Service from 1941-46 and later played a major part in the establishment of the Commonwealth Reconstruction Training Scheme'. After the war Dr Madgwick was seconded by the Commonwealth Government to assist in the establishment of the Australian National University. In 1947 he became Warden of the New England University College and when the University College achieved University status, he became its first Vice-Chancellor in 1954.

From the Senate report for 1961