Education Committee

The Education Committee will develop strategies and co-ordinate activity across the University to ensure alignment of policies and procedures, consistency of practice, and high quality outcomes in the education of all students and in the development of all teachers.

Frequency of meeting: monthly


  • Professor Philippa Pattison (Chair), Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education)
  • Dr Lesley Ashton, Nominee, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research); Acting Executive Director, Research Operations
  • Professor Katherine Belov, Pro Vice-Chancellor (Global Engagement)
  • Professor Adam Bridgeman, Director, Educational Innovation, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education)
  • Mr Thomas Greenwell, Vice-President, SUPRA
  • Associate Professor Peter McCallum, Director, Education Strategy, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education)
  • Associate Professor Anthony Masters, Chair, Academic Board
  • Mr Brendon Nelson, Deputy Registrar, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Registrar)
  • Professor Juanita Sherwood, Nominee, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Indigenous Strategy and Services); Academic Director, National Centre for Cultural Competence
  • Ms Chloe Smith, President, Student's Representative Council

Faculty Associate Deans (Learning and Teaching)

  • Associate Professor Thomas Bishop, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Faculty of Agriculture and Environment
  • Associate Professor Wendy Davis, Associate Dean (Education)
    Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning
  • Professor Colm Harmon, Pro-Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
  • Professor Elizabeth Martin, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Faculty of Dentistry
  • Associate Professor Alyson Simpson, Pro Dean (Education)
    Faculty of Education and Social Work
  • Professor David Lowe, Associate Dean (Education)
    Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies
  • Associate Professor Corinne Caillaud, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Associate Professor Lorraine Smith, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Associate Professor John O'Byrne, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Faculty of Science
  • Dr Gary Muscatello, Acting Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs)
    Faculty of Veterinary Science
  • Mr Andrew Lavery, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Sydney College of the Arts
  • Professor Matthew Hindson, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Sydney Conservatorium of Music
  • Dr Scott Grattan, Associate Dean (Education)
    Sydney Law School
  • Professor Inam Haq, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Sydney Medical School
  • Dr Jacqueline Bloomfield, Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching)
    Sydney Nursing School
  • Professor John Shields, Deputy Dean (Education)
    The University of Sydney Business School

In attendance

  • Mr Richard Fisher, General Counsel